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The Modern Man

Move over Rodger Berman, known for his use of ‘guy liner’ accompanying his stylist wife Rachel Zoe at Paris Fashion Week, your typical modern man is now widening his beauty horizons.

The pressure to look good in todays 21st Century forces the new and explosive stereotype of “The Modern Man” into todays society. With many men fitting the bill such as Russel Brand, Zac Efron, Noel Fielding and many more, the modern man stereotype is soon fast becoming the norm.

According to a survey of 1,000 men in the US and UK conducted by JWT (a marketing communications company), men are increasingly feeling the pressure to beautify themselves. The study, entitled “The State of Men,” opens up male bathroom cabinets and let’s us take a peek at what products are most used by the opposite sex.

These are the top-ranked beauty products and treatments used by men:

54 percent skincare products (moisturiser and eye cream)

33 percent waxing/hair removal

39 percent lip balm

29 percent manicure

24 percent facials

13 percent eyebrow waxing

19 percent fake tan

9 percent foundation

11 percent bronzer

10 percent concealer

26 percent none


With top premium fashion houses such as Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs releasing man-friendly beauty lines and South Korean fellows applying eye pencil and foundation, it’s not hard to see these numbers as a reality. Frankly, I think it’s refreshing that men are now allowing themselves to indulge in all of the fun that the beauty world has to offer. Whilst relishing the time to enhance their appearance.

However the study also found with all of this beauty loot comes a slew of insecurities. The top one? Beer bellies followed by love handles, lack of six packs and man boobs. It’s no wonder that 8 out of 10 men surveyed believe there’s as much pressure for men to have a good body as there is for women.

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Prevention is the solution

Wanting to appear youthful and younger looking for longer is something everyone thinks about, people may not necessarily vocalise their thoughts but subconsciously this is an ever-growing thought. 

The use of moisturisers, serums, face masks and exfoliators help to boost the skins collegian levels, keeping the skin feeling refreshed, smooth and youthful. Hydrating skincare will help to keep skin plump, radiant and luminous for longer, whilst the use of no cosmetic skincare regime could bring the ageing process to your bathroom mirror sooner than expected.

Environmental studies show with pollution raising for several decades, the summers becoming warmer and winters colder, everyday life takes its toll on our skin. Some pollution properties hit skin deep down into the dermis meaning the damage isn’t visual immediately.

 Prevention is the solution

Preventing the signs of ageing with the use of a daily cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream will help keep the skin hydrated and balanced helping to fight signs of dry skin, fine lines, pigmentation and the overall ageing process.

A new addition to my skincare regime, with a retail price of £62.50 is the well-known Repair Serum from cosmetics giants Bobbi Brown. 

Luxurious and milky, this concentrated repair serum comforts skin as it firms and moisturises. Anti-ageing ingredients such as Vitamin C and a powerful peptide help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles both instantly and over time. Meadow foam Seed Oil hydrates while WheatBran and Olive Extracts help your skin hold on to moisture giving everlasting hydration to the skin. Clary Sage Extract helps reveal a clearer, more radiant complexion helping to improve damaged skin surface and pigmentation.

Even if you believe your skin is perfectly fine or you don’t need to worry about the ageing process as of yet, remember “prevention is the solution”. Preventing the inevitable will help secure the skins surface and prolong the ageing process for as long as possible helping your skin to remain plump, youthful and radiant for longer whilst protecting against investable dangers such as pollution, diet and health.

Top Tip: After cleaning and toning with your favourites, smooth a pea sized amount onto the face and gently press into the skin before smoothing over the remaining amount with your finger tips.

This helps to push the serum down into the skins dermis helping the skin to take it down deeper into the layered skin.

After 3 weeks of using the breakthrough product my skin is left feeling fresh, incredibly plump and fine lines reduced. I use slightly more than the recommended amount to ensure my whole face receives the same amount of serum pushed down into the skin for an overall treatment. Using before my daily moisturiser this must have product with a milky smooth texture has helped to reduce appears of fatigue, fine lines and pigmentation giving my skin a youthful glow.

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Three years after the release of Teenage Dream, the Californian pop princess is back with a bang hoping her new album can follow in its success.

The multi-platinum selling album smashed it’s way into the record books for producing five number one singles, and now Katy Perry is back with her third studio album, Prism. A mix of electropop bangers and tear jerking power ballads, Perry delivers a fearlessly honest snapshot of her delicate private life.


As the lead songwriter of the albums opening track, ‘Roar’, Perry kicks off with stadium sized guitar riffs, complete with a rousing chorus, stomping mid tempo beat and an epic sing along ear snagging hook. ‘Roar’ promises to deliver whilst creatively reflects the philosophy of the album.

Perry’s assertive return is underscored by other early tastes from the album including ‘Dark Horse’, which features a menacing bass-line, furious beat and a sharply styled guest verse from Juicy J.

Prism’s triumphant parade continues with the banging house-influenced groove and a whistling hook of Perry’s euphoric, “sleep all day – party all night” anthem ‘Walking On Air’, this soaring ’90s house number innovatively celebrates the highs of being in love.

‘Legendary Lovers’ has effortless hints of Bollywood in the production; a thumping anthem that flattens the jungle around it like a herd of elephants. Followed by flirty pop-gem ‘Birthday’, giving fans what they really want which takes us back to Perry’s ‘California Girls’ days as she teases the boys with her assets, once again accompanied by a foot stomping pop beat and Perry’s famous echoing vocals throughout.

Willing to bare her heart throughout the record, ‘Unconditionally’ reveals Perry’s naivety for accommodating her ex-husbands past by singing “I will love you unconditionally”. The way Perry turns dark and pensive on the more subdued ‘Ghost’, haunted by her ex husband as he ended their marriage by mobile phone, Perry sings “You sent a text, It’s like the wind changed your mind”.

Staying true to its namesake, Prism displays the full spectrum of Katy Perry’s emotions, but the star leaves the hardest hit until last. A tender tearjerker track, ‘By The Grace Of God’ is led by light piano and soft cool vocals as she confesses overcoming suicidal thoughts following the breakdown of her marriage. Completing Prism sounding like a woman and an artist who’s finally found herself, Katy Perry sets herself up for another record breaking studio smasher.

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Skincare Secret Weapon

After a turbulent winter with temperatures reaching new lows of -3 degrees, our skin has definitely faced the storms head on, and just when we thought they were over, they strike again. 

As a make up artist for Mac Cosmetics I regularly find customers asking for solutions to cure their problematic skin from extra dry, dry and oily combination, the extreme weather affects us all differently.

My skincare secret weapon this season has to be Mac Cosmetics, Volcanic Ash Exfoliator.

Mac Cosmetics known globally for their huge stamp in the cosmetic and beauty industry have created a skincare must have, which as expected, lives up to and beyond the hype.

This must have skincare necessity is made from fine sugar crystals and volcanic ash helping to cleanse, scrub and unclog the skin. Removing dry flakes and helping to even out pigmentation, this dual purpose exfoliator is known for being high in a bacteria destroying mineral known as sulphur.

Placing a small amount of the Volcanic Ash exfoliator on your hands work it into damp skin in a circular scrubbing motion. This products works incredibly well along side the famous Clarisonic helping to deep cleanse the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and smooth.

After religiously using this product for 8 weeks, 3/4 times a week, my skin is left feeling soft, fresh and visually enticing. This product is suitable for everyone however can be rough on the skin to begin with, work into damp skin slowly in circular motions helping the sugar crystals to dissolve.

Known for the fashion forward, trend based make up looks and assistant backstage at fashion week, Mac Cosmetic have excelled themselves once more creating a permanent addition to my skincare regime.

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Parklife Festival busiest and biggest one to date.

AN OVER-WHELMING amount of festivalgoer’s and music fans flocked Manchester’s Heaton Park on 8th and 9th June, for the opening of the annual Parklife festival.

An expectancy of over 50,000 people attending the festival from countries as far as France and Germany poses to be the busiest and biggest Parklife yet.

With artists such as Rita Ora, Disclosure, Example and many more, this year is expected to be packed out as the Manchester based festival reaches out to the popular mainstream audience.

There is a real sense of summer fun and community spirit, especially as there are lots of locals hitting the festival too.

park life

Benjamin Greg, 23, a keen festival goer and student, Nottingham said: “With names like Rita Ora, Sub Focus and Rudimental, you would be silly not to come, one of the cheapest festivals and one of the best line-ups.

Making Parklife into an overnight camping festival would really compete with other festivals.”

Anneliese McDonough, 34, local resident, said: “I love it when the festival comes to the City, brings a real sense of youth and community. It’s 2 days out of the year so you can’t really complain”

“Last year I even went to the festival and if I didn’t have plans this year, I would be there again”

This year, more mainstream artists such as Example, Rita Ora, Rudimental and Disclosure were all added to the ever-growing line up in a bid to increase ticket sales.

Nicola Woodcock, 24, festival volunteer, Manchester said: “I’ve volunteered every year, it’s not the most glamorous job but the atmosphere is electric. I would recommend it to everyone.

It’s a lot of hard work but you get to see your favourite acts free of charge and be in the best environment ever.

Festivals are a cheaper alternative to holidays, students can’t afford to go on holiday and with Manchester having the biggest student population Parklife fits in perfectly.”

The overall summer atmosphere surrounding the festival, met by 26 degrees weather shaped up to be a sold out event.

By Sean Maloney


Cleanse & Polish

You wouldn’t walk around with dirt on your shirt would you? So why would you walk around with impurities and dirt on your skin?

Cleansing is a huge part of your everyday skincare regime, so getting it right is just as important. Cleansing and toning helps keep the skin fresh and clean whilst removing any impurities and prevents build up of oils within the pores. When it comes to cleansing i believe the more gentle the cleansing the better. The Skins surface is made up of many layers and adding a heavy cleanser and scratching across the skin’s surface can often cause damage. After searching the beauty counters and testing various different cleansers I can finally say I feel like I’ve found the one.


Liz Earle only make one cleanser because this formulation is the ultimate in concentrated, yet gentle, cleansing power and works on every age and skin type.

  • Liz Earles plant-based cleanser has a two-phase action, phase one is the cleansing. Free from mineral oil, it has a rich and creamy texture and swiftly removes all traces of face and eye make-up, even stubborn mascara.
  • Phase two is the polishing. Polish off the cream using the pure muslin cloth to gently dislodge dead skin cells and help reveal clean, soft and radiant skin.
  • Cleanse & Polish is rich in naturally active ingredients including purifying eucalyptus and skin-softening cocoa butter.
  • Massage one or two pumps onto dry skin over face and neck twice a day. Rinse the pure muslin cloth in hand-hot water and wring out before gently wiping off the cream. Rinse and repeat. Splash face with cool clean water and follow with Instant Boost Skin Tonic.

With the hot cloth cleanse and polish picking up many awards such as “Best Cleanser” at Company Beauty Awards 2012, “Most Revolutionary beauty Product of the Last 20 Years” at CEW UK Beauty Awards 2012 and many, many more.

If you only change one part of your skincare regime this year make sure you switch to Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Here’s To Everything

Cloud 9, shining like fire flies, moving at the speed of light.

Since November 2012 I’ve been vigorously training hard for the London Marathon 2013, and the countdown has now begun with 17 days until the big race. The race was founded by the former Olympic champion and journalist Chris Brasher and Welsh athlete John Disley. It is organised by Hugh Brasher (son of Chris) as Race Director and Nick Bitel as Chief Executive. Set over a largely flat course around the River Thames, the race begins at three separate points around Blackheath and finishes in The Mall alongside St. James’s Park. The ever-growing and highly anticipated event has raised over £450 million for charity since 1981, and holds the Guinness world record as the largest annual fund-raising event in the world, with the 2009 participants raising over an incredible £47.2 million for charity. In 2007, 78% of all runners raised money and 2011 the official charity of the London Marathon was Oxfam.

This year I will be running the London Marathon in aid of The World Wildlife Foundation, this is a charity which I feel very passionate about and feel proud to run the London Marathon for. The World Wildlife foundation help protect and preserve the nature and wildlife of the planet which is currently under huge threat from human’s, global warming and nature itself.

Training since November 2012 I still feel sick when I think about the 26.9 miles I will have to continuously run, determined and motivated. At 19 years of age I feel I have already achieved so much and adding The London Marathon to my list of life time achievements is something which I am more than determined to do. Whilst training I set myself mini goals in my head to help take the attention away from my legs pounding the pavement one after the other, the sweat trickling down my head and painful stabbing feeling of a stitch tearing away at my torso. With my over the head earphones firmly in place, music plays a huge part in training for the London Marathon as the beat and rhythm runs through your body leaving every inch motivated from head to toe, upbeat deep house anthems mixed with motivational tracks on shuffle helps your mind to concentrate on something different from the fear and anxiety building as your brain goes into overtime.

In the past 4 days I’ve run two half marathons leaving my body sore and aching in pain, completing the half Marathon in 1 hour 40mins I completely shocked myself with my ability and motivation to complete the challenge. From my calculations and mathematics this would mean completing the London Marathon within less than 4 Hours, however still lacking in confidence I aim to complete the London Marathon in 4hours 30mins. This would be a huge achievement and a life time goal achieved at the age of 19. One thing I’ve learnt more than anything when training for this notorious marathon is, running is more than exercise and more than the physicality but the mental preparation is more important and just as hard. Making sure your mind is clear, determined and focused is a huge important factor when training and running. Many marathon runners always say you come up against “The Wall”, the wall is a part of the marathon when your mind tells you, you can’t go on, you can’t do anymore, almost like coming up against a brick wall. However how you deal with this obstacle will determine the rest of your race. Finding all the will power your body and mind contains to overcome this obstacle will help you finish the Marathon. When completing the half marathon, I came up against “The Wall” and felt almost like I needed to stop and sit down, my body couldn’t go on, my calves screaming in pain, my stomach in knots and eyes streaming, my body tightening by the second begging to stop. Knowledge of “The Wall” helped me prepare for this huge obstacle and I powered on through, my palms sweaty, mouth desert dry and body seeping in sweat I overcame “The Wall” and finished the half marathon within a time quicker than I anticipated.

If I knew the preparation and training behind the marathon I would have probably thought twice about spontaneously entering, however I am now committed and 3 quoters of the way there. With 17 days and counting, preparation is the key.

Please support me on this lifetime achievement journey by sponsoring as much as you can to

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Rolling Back The Years

Extreme weather conditions, hormones, diet and natural ageing all take their toll on our skin. Uneven pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles are the first signs of ageing, its time to take control…

Wednesday 20th March saw the launch of No7’s highly anticipated Lift & Luminate Dark Spot Corrector. This is No.7’s first ever clinically proven dark spot corrector which fades age spots after 3 months. 86% of women which tested the beauty must-have had a noticeable colour reduction. This is to be used underneath your serum and fits perfectly into any skincare regime.

This beauty must have effectively makes dark spots appear less noticeable by helping to reduce the over production of pigment, causing them to lighten and shrink. Containing the same Firming Complex that is in Protect & Perfect range and Protect & Perfect Intense, this works to boost collagen and elastin in the skin smoothing out lines and leaving the skin feeling firmer. It also contains a Poly Hydroxy acid to help gently exfoliate surface pigmentation and unveil a beautiful, more even skin tone.

As all of No.7s award winning products this dark spot corrector is also Hypo-allergenic: “Because all skin can have sensitive moments all our products are hypo-allergenic so they are kind to even the most sensitive skin”.


Your probably thinking, whats an age spot? Do I have them? 

Age spots can appear on anybody skin and can occur from the age of 25. People who are in the sun more and wear little sun care protection are most likely to suffer from age spots. This is the skins way of letting you know, it needs protection as the UV and UVB is damaging the skin cells and the reproduction of collagen. This product has received a lot of attention from the media and many reviews, the specific age range for this product is 40 years old and over. However if you believe your suffering from dark spots from a young age your recommended to use this dark spot correcting treatment. With many dark spot treatments on the market with richer ingredients I believe No.7 could of improved the formula however at an average retail price of £19.50 this is a bargain on a budget.

 After looking through No.7s products, the Lift and Luminate Dark Spot Corrector is their most effective targeted treatment, powered by the highest levels of lightning technology from No.7s clinically proven No7 Lift & Luminate Day & Night Serum.

Quick Tip: Smooth a pea sized amount gently over the skin surface underneath your facial serum or using the roller ball action on the packaging roll over and massage onto the area of dark spots.

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Bo Bruce – Save Me

Beauty comes in the form of “The Voice” runner up Bo Bruce as her haunting tones and slow sounding rhythms reach our ears after a long anticipated wait.


Bo Bruce is a singer-songwriter, born in Wiltshire on 25 November 1984 and is now signed to Mercury Records. Before auditioning for The Voice UK, Bo  Bruce appeared on Channel 4’s hit reality show Orange Unsigned Act in 2009, where she finished in fourth place.

Bo Bruce has performed live frequently and in December 2010 she independently released a self-written EP, entitled Search The Night. However after various attempts of trying to break into the music industry Bo Bruce is now better known for her appearance on talent show The Voice UK. Bo’s debut album Before I Sleep and debut single Save Me are both scheduled for release on 29 April 2013.


The wait is over, “Before I Sleep” is the debut album from the singer songwriter and “Save Me” being the first single from the truly breathtaking album.

With Bo Bruce gaining 60,000 followers on twitter and signed to Mercury Records, it’s positive to say the launch of Before I Sleep is going to be rather exciting. The Save me video is individual and gives an element of a fairy tale to this haunting but addictive track. Bo’s vocals throughout are strong and her signature harmonic leaves listeners breathless.

Watch the eye catching and unmissable video below.


With advanced night repair by Esteé Lauder taking the cosmetics industry by storm this left competition reeling and unknown of their next move. Dior boldly launched the much talked about and heavily debated Capture Totale XP Overnight Recovery

126021544-260x260-0-0_christian+dior+christian+dior+by+christian+dior+foAdvanced Night repair remains safely into my skincare regime, therefore I thought I would try “the next best thing” on the market today. At an average retail price of £75.00 this is on the more premium and higher scale of the skincare market. The lightweight gel essence that melts instantly into skin whilst Nourishing with a rich blend of active ingredients. Dior claim the overnight recovery optimizes regeneration to repair skin intensely and reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles over night.

After trailing this costly product, from thmoisturisers in the past and being very disappointed in the result, I was always sceptical on how this would work after such disappointment from its family of skincare products.

After 7 days of continuous usage from this overnight recovery, I was starting to notice a more even skin tone and almost a plumpness back to the skin. Becoming more and more impressed as the days went on it reached the two-week trial period and suddenly I didn’t notice anymore changes or advances in this skin care technology, experts may say this is because my skin may be too premature to notice and take in all the full benefits, however I was impressed from start to finish with this creamy-like gel in its signature sophisticated packaging.

Quick Tip: When applying Dior Capture 80 XP overnight record, squeeze the pipette and fill the small tube with as much of the concentrate as possible then release 7 pipette sized drops onto the back of the hand and distribute evenly over the skin. Spending more time around the forehead, cheek and eye bone area.

So the question remains, Night Repair or Capture 80 XP Overnight Recovery?

After lots of though and continuous swapping between both skin care hits, I’ve come to the decision I wont be replacing my Night Repair but I will be using Dior’s Capture 80 XP Overnight Recovery until the end and monitoring the changes within the skin. Evidently impressed by Dior, part of me feels like juggling between Esteé Lauder and Dior. However my loyalty to Night Repair remains firm within my skin care regime, but It wouldn’t hurt to monitor and keep Dior in mind.


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