Express yourself.

by The Sean Maloney Show

Here I am, taking the leap and delving deep into the blogging world. I can see how this can become so easily addictive, hopefully I will aim to use blogging as a way of expressing my opinions with a shameless approach of self promotion.

I’m from a small seaside town, attached with a dark cloud lingering over the resort, full of people on a search for self pleasure. Don’t get me wrong we all like the good things in life, but what extent will people go to get what they want? Raised in a small detached family, and the youngest of 3, I am incredibly ambitious and know what I want in life, even if it means steeping on a few people to reach the top – enough about myself, My future blogs will be consisting of the media, the celebrity industry, current affairs, entertainment and the arts with a few hints opens clues to the sort of person I am.