Embarrassment? Understatement.

by The Sean Maloney Show

That moment you just want to ground to open up and swallow you whole? Yes, I’ve just had that…

Stood patiently in Starbucks waiting for my coffee, yes nothing unusual about this. Until the drama unfolds and I blush pure scarlet and want the ground to just open up and eat me! I’m stood patiently waiting for my skinny latte in the queue at Starbucks, it’s busier than normal and the staff are running round like wild horses, orders being howled across the front counter, sweat pouring from their faces, flushed and hot looking they scramble people’s drinks together. Drinks are being slammed down onto the counter furiously and customers are pushing in desperation for their freshly made coffees.

And then it happens … my drink is called “Grande Skinny Latte” – as I reach for my drink in pure panic that someone else might take it I feel a hot burning sensation trickle down the inner sleeve of my arm almost like my arm is slowly roasting on the top of a heavily lit bonfire. And there it is, as i pull my coffee close to my chest, in the corner of my eye i see it. I’ve knocked a drink over. Not only has the drink been accidentally knocked but it cascades all the way down onto the floor, crashing against the wooden floor and splattering all over the surrounding customers! suddenly my face just beamed with a bright red traffic light colour. It felt almost as of it had a pulse, pulsating frantically as I felt the whole coffee shop state at me. I half expected a piece of tumble weed to roll on by! In my mind I was begging the floor to open up and swallow me whole, or for something else dramatic to happen to take the attention off me… Something like someone crashing a car into the front of the shop or the fire alarm or a wild stamped of elephants to storm on or even for a member of staff to slip, but nothing happened except a stern science throughout the coffee shop, so silent that you would be able to hear a pin drop. I stepped back sinking into a hunch back, scrunching my face with the ultimate cringe and just stared at the pool of coffee on the floor and the customers wiping their trousers from the backsplash of coffee, splattered up their front legs.

“I’m so sorry!” I whispered. Then suddenly I felt an in controllable urge to just howl with laughter at what happened! After all it is pretty hilarious that everyone’s drenched with coffee and the rushed staff now have to cater for my clumsiness. I am a walking hazard, I know that. I just couldn’t keep it in, my cheeks filled with air, dying to burst and release the laughter! So I did – I let out the largest, most impolite and childish laughter ever known to man, and ran out giggling to myself in a mischievous manner. Does this make me childish? No not at all! After all I am still a teenager.. Sean: 1 Embarrassing Moment : 0