Morning wake up call.

by The Sean Maloney Show

Shudders tingle down my spine and the hairs stand up on end as soon as I hear that high pitched horrible iPhone alarm sounding in the morning. Why is it waking up is so difficult? Who even invented alarms? If I had my own way, I would stay in bed till early afternoon, who wouldn’t?

This morning I found myself rolling around the bed like a lethargic kitten in a playful mood, forcing my eyes to stay open, but the warmth of my bed feeling so attractive and comforting I just didn’t want to move. With the light pouring through my blinds and the smell of freshly ground coffee lingering throughout the house, the realisation of waking up is becoming ever so more real. So I decide to slope out of bed like an avalanche of snow falling off a mountain.

Stumbling down stairs half asleep and wishing I was still n the comfort of my king size bed, the firs thing in my mind is a devine hot lemon with honey and for breakfast fresh salmon with scrambled egg on freshly toasted muffins. I find it impossible to function throughout the day with breakfast, people say the most important meal of the day is breakfast. I truly believe this, the more I eat during the morning and snack on, the more complete and whole I feel throughout the day. This helps me to give 100% to exercise and general tasks.

So here I am adding to my blog, with such a busy day ahead I am fully awake and devouring my breakfast with grapefruit on the side. Good morning everyone!