GCSE’S, help or hinder?

by The Sean Maloney Show

It seems like just yesterday I was sat in the cold, airy sports hall… Looking around all the other students, panic fills their faces whilst some sit there laughing – almost using it as a social networking format.

it’s that time of year again, GCSE results have been released and it’s either tears of panic or tears of joy. I remember this time 3 years ago, was my time, time to accept that whatever grades I get I need to make the best of. The amount of pressure put on 16 year olds to achieve good grades in their GCSE’s is unbelievable.. And for what? Do GCSE’s actually matter? In my opinion, I don’t believe they do I think that if I was unfortunate and achieved poor results, I could still enrol in college and still be successful. I believe that GCSE’s are just a way to monitor and assess what level pupils are at. Surely applying this much pressure to young teenagers isn’t right? New statistics prove that GCSE’s have dropped by 0.01%. This is the first time they have dropped in history. Could this be a cry for help for the pupils who surely can’t take the pressure at such a young age?

The amount of pressure placed on me when taking my GCSE’s was indescribable. I believed my results determined my future when in fact people who gained 0 GCSE’s did equally as well. This is proof that the results were almost just another way to monitor people’s progression throughout the educational system.