iPad addiction.

by The Sean Maloney Show

The speed technology is advancing at is remarkable.

I have always been a lover of apple, iPods, iPhones and iPads. Just when I thought that love couldn’t be any stronger, I was given a white iPad as a present – its amazing! With the ultra sleek and subtle design oozing sophistication and screaming for attention, I can safely say – “I’m addicted.”


Already having the latest iPhone 4, the iPhone 4S in white, I didn’t think you could get better? and I admit, I almost judged the iPad to be another money making scheme by apple by dragging out the iPhone, just oversized… how wrong was I. the iPad is something else, it’s remarkable, fresh, vibrant, addictive, HD, fast, intuitive and so much more than an iPhone I can’t put it down. The apps for iPad are so much easier and more accessible compared to the iPhone, which I didn’t think was possible. The twitter app is my favourite of all, tweeting has never been so easy. I then became introduced to WordPress and my addiction to my iPad and blogging grew further! I have this sleek leather case for my white iPad which allows me to prop the iPad into the position of a laptop and type away at a dramatic pace. This is so useful and easy. Also with iPad there is “Siri” the voice activated helper, who is always on hand.

Another favourite of mine on the iPad which I didn’t expect to be so high quality was the music, myself a self confessed music lover has my iPhone packed the brim of the latest tunes to grace our ears! The iPad displays the music in such an eye catching and creative visual way it’s hard not to love it! The sound quality from the iPad is perfection, clear, crystal and high definition you couldn’t ask more from Apples first tablet! I would challenge anybody to find a fault wit this beautiful creation, a definite must buy!