Goodbye Jasmine Lennard.

by The Sean Maloney Show

The Bitch is out! Wednesday saw the much expected exit of model Jasmine Lennard from the Celebrity Big Brother House. Lennard first shot to fame in 2005 as a finalist in the reality TV talent search Make Me a Supermodel. She angered judge Rachel Hunter by describing her as: “spotty, finished and fat”; and also said: “I suggest she throws out the truckload of make-up she uses and hires a personal trainer.” Mainly known in the United Kingdom for her controversial Big Brother experience, she was the first housemate to be given the boot this Wednesday. Not finished with shocking the audience, bad girl Jasmine Lennard sparked up a cigarette in the lounge just before eviction, adding “Do you think i give a F**K”, storming out the Celebrity Big Brother house and greeted by horrendous pantomime booing from the audience, Jasmine didn’t look fazed. Despite being voted off the programme in the early stages, Lennard was widely credited as the most entertaining and watchable contestant on the series. Jasmine then hit the headlines after sparking my controversy in her eviction interview with Brian Dowling when calling other female housemates “Skanky Girls”.

When watching Jasmine there is a sense of vulnerability and “a lost girl” – even though she lashes out one minute but then retreats and becomes an emotional wreck. Celebrity Big Brother is often used by Celebrities to restart their career after a dry spout, or simply to make more money. This can either make or break celebrities, in the past Celebrity Big Brother has made Celebrities such as Tara Reid and Kerry Katona but then broke celebrities such as Kirk Norcross who left the hit BAFTA award-winning show The Only Way is Essex to enter the house, only to have destroyed his career and taken a dive. Jasmine Lennard could easily be described as a DIVA only doing what she want and when she wants, however i think these are the simple characteristics of a bad girl rebel. The question is was this the right decision for Celebrity Big Brother? As the public, did we save the right Celebrity? Glamour Girl “Rhian” was saved over Jasmine, but undoubtedly Jasmine Lennard provided more entertainment in an episode than Rhian has for the full duration of her time in the house. However tonight see’s the second eviction of Celebrity Big Brother, with Cheryl, Coleen Nolan, Prince Lorenzo and Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” all facing the public vote, who goes? You Decide.