Black Swan

by The Sean Maloney Show

Left speechless and stunned from the thrilling beauty I’ve just witnessed, I now question myself – ” why did it take me two years to see Black Swan”.

After watching Black Swan, two years after the original release date, I had to take five minutes out after watching. I was left speechless and stunned, I couldn’t believe my eyes for what I’ve just witnessed. The beauty and sheer brilliance of Black Swan was truly captured by the Oscar award winning actress – Natalie Portman. Fighting with herself and portraying a fragile, innocent and lost young female throughout the film, I was gripped by the presence she created when on screen. Starring Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel, and Mila Kunis. The plot revolves around a production of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake ballet capturing the beauty and intensity of ballet. The costume, set design and overall production of Black Swan was equally important as the gripping performances transmitted to the audience by the actors. The contrast of pure white and silver to the dark purples and black’s was creatively created to symbolise the sane and insane. I believe this was a major factor to creating the intensity around Black SwN.

When watching I was glued to the screen, constantly trying to figure out what was about to happen and trying to figure out the complex and complicated mind of the schizophrenic ballet dancer that is Natalie Portman. The beauty of the film was closely shadowed by the darkness throughout this physiological American thriller, showing an in depth sighting to the mind of the clinically insane. I now question myself why its taken me almost two years to see this Oscar award winning, box office sell out, smash hit? – truthfully I do not know. Black Swan has easily become one of my most unexpected favourites of all time. The intensity and drama that unfolds around a dangerous industry of ballet kept me gripped from start to finish, ballet known for the discipline and brutality of an industry it is, lives up to the reputation seeing the females battle it out for Queen Swan throughout the film, showing they will go to any extreme to gain the part and be noticed. With the dramatic twist at the end of the film leaving me breathless for some time, this film easily deserves the Oscar and BAFTA awards and nominations it gained, if not more. Many people argue due to the film being released around the same time as the highly anticipated “The Kings Speech” starring Colin Farrell it was a battle for the awards, both equally deserving as the other.
Gripping, intense, shocking, eye opening and compelling – Black Swan is an award winning film not to be missed.