by The Sean Maloney Show

Staying up till the early hours, eyes pealed and feet tapping – Burlesque

I have to admit after recently watching the award winning smash hit, box office sell out film, Burlesque; featuring the pop princess Christina Agulaira and the ultimate guilty pleasure Cher – I loved every second of it. Seeing the trailer in the past the film hadn’t appealed to me. I’m very open minded when it comes to films, I love musicals to action, to thriller and even brace myself for the odd horror, even if I am gripped behind a cushion gasping out loud and looking round in shock. I normally do enjoy films like Burlesque which are quite similar to “Hairspray” and “Step Up”.

However the songs in Burlesque are not just like musical soundtracks, these songs have the potential to become singles in the mainstream pop charts, which I believe have done in the past. With an overall rating of 6.1 on Internet movie date base (IMDb) I feel this is slightly unfair as I would have given Burlesque an above average 7.6 – I believe it deserves this for the sheer fact it’s a creative and gripping film within the musical category. With Cher and Christina sharing foghorn vocals and striking dance routines, two divas fighting for the spotlight surrounded by the dramas of every day life and a gripping love triangle – you do the maths.