Morning Coffee.

by The Sean Maloney Show

Does anyone else find it impossible to wake up without a coffee? Well I certainly do.
I couldn’t think of anything worse than a dry mouth in the morning, there’s something about coffee; the smell, the taste, the strength of the caffeine and the ultimate boost. Personally I prefer my coffee slightly milky but still as strong, afterall we all need that wake up call in the morning.
I do have a coffee machine and I pride myself in making the perfect coffee, in all honesty I would go as far as saying I’m addicted, I probably, most likely have a coffee every half our – I know it’s bad isn’t it? I understand coffee isn’t exactly healthy but it’s my guilty pleasure, we’re all allowed one or two. I’m also a huge fan of tea. Tea and scones are perfect on a summers day or even a winters morning. Reading this blog your probably presuming I’m a middle ages woman who loves “a good old cupp’a tea” – shock horror, I’m actually a 19 year old male student. I love my coffee’s and tea’s as much as the next person. If I’m not sat at home with the perfect coffee you will definitely find me at one of the many Starbucks around the city centre.