Ellie Goulding – Halcyon

by The Sean Maloney Show

After bagging “critics choice award” at The Brit Awards but then loosing her away, being called “boring” and “bland”, could Ellie Goulding ever have a successful comeback after the extremely successful “Lights”?

After the incredibly famous devut album “lights” – Ellie Goulding had a lot to live up to by also claiming “critics choice award” at the Brit Awards, however when the Starry eyed singer covered ” Your Song” for the John Lewis advert, it seemed the young yet talented artists had lost her way in the music industry going from pop to past.

Distinctive, developed, unique and incredibly engaging – just a few words to describe the brit award winner’s second studio album “Halcyon”. This album is gripping and shows that Ellie Goulding has found her niche market and used that to explode her music into the electo pop genre. Ellie Goulding can finally lose the “Starry Eyed Star” status, as I believe this album will be incredibly successful. Halcyon is set for number 1 album on 14th October 2012. Fusing gentle tones together with a stomping beat, however the juxtaposition doesn’t result in a clash but it’s nothing short of a story throughout the electric and gripping sounds that is Halcyon. The second track ‘My Blood’ has a daunting and fluent sound that steers away from the pop genre. However Ellie Goulding’s first single off the album, Anything Could Happen is a great example of modern pop. Album title track ‘Halcyon ‘is a stand out song with lyrics ‘You show me what it feels like to be lonely, you show me what it feels like to be alone’ This creates a sense of vulnerability but the serious power behind her voice makes it incredibly engaging and exceeds all expectations. More a journal rather than an album, this proves the singer/songwriter has well and truly found her feet delivering the powerful vocals and lyrical genius behind this fast selling number 1 album.