Florence + The Machine – Ceremonials

by The Sean Maloney Show

Just when you think the haunting sound that is Florence + The Machine, can’t get any better… 

There was panic throughout the music industry whether Florence + The Machine would ever return to the music industry, after achieving such global success on the band’s debut album, Lungs, which was released on 6 July 2009. “Lungs” held the number-two position for its first five weeks on the UK album charts. On 17 January 2010, the album reached the top position, after being on the chart for twenty-eight consecutive weeks, making it one of the best-selling albums of 2009 and 2010. An amazing achievement for such an underrated band at this time in the music industry. Florence Welch then later returned with her band after completing her second studio album “Ceremonials ” which was released in October 2011 and as expected debuted at number one in the UK and number six in the US.

Ceremonials is described as a mixture of sounds and genres such as rock, soul, alternative and a splash of pop. Ceremonials contained “Breath of Life” which was the official soundtrack to Snow White & The Huntsman released in 2012. On the first listen this track is a divine rush of beats and whispers, leaving your head swaying and body moving to the haunting yet soulful voice of Florence Welch. Also on the number one smash hit “Ceremonials” was Spectrum, a track which was remixed by the award winning, Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. This remix of a brilliantly written piece of art was released on July 5th 2012 and went straight into the UK top 40 at number 1. claiming Florence + The Machine’s first UK number 1. However there was something special about this fastest selling single of the year. The fact Florence’s voice was placed on a dance track and pushed straight into the mainstream charts, I believe gained her more followers and fans who instantaneously fell in love with a song that blends two separate genre’s of music creating what can only be described as a master piece.

Ceremonials is an album that can be played all day and all night long without even realising its on repeat. Each track on the award winning album is a step into the world of Florence + The Machines mind. When listening to Ceremonials, the feeling of cautiousness comes to mind, when Florence Welch was asked by her label if she would like to follow the success of “Lungs” her reply was “No no no no, I cant just leave Lungs behind”. After toying with the nation Florence + The Machine created their second masterpiece. However the thought of “what if” springs to mind; what if Florence + The Machine threw caution to wind? Well I guess we will have to wait for the eagerly anticipated third album.