Bright City Lights

by The Sean Maloney Show

Looking up, squinting your eyes and seeing the bright city lights of Manchester, magnificent beauty or back streets of temptation and danger?


The sound of people pouring in and out of clubs and the sound of the city centre becoming more and more populated by the people of Manchester on the journey for self pleasure or self-destruction in some cases. I love the pressure and hectic energy from a city centre and feeling of excitement and anxiety when exploring the nightlife. Moving from a small sea-side resort that purely dependent on tourism, I didn’t quite know what to expect. Manchester notoriously known for being the northern London of the UK, Manchester lived up to all expectations and exceeded in some cases. The clubs and nightlife filled with such a variety of people, creating an unpredictable yet cautious energy, all on the journey for self pleasure. I’ve lived in Manchester for just under a month and any sense of nostalgia from being a child and visiting the shops has being destroyed, I like to live life in the fast lane, meaning I will use and abuse the northern cities nightlife to great extremes, but who wouldn’t at nineteen? One of the best things about Manchester has to be the multiple and various nightlife destinations around the famous city. There literally is, something for everyone. Manchester holds the incredibly famous and most talk about Hilton, Beethan Tower. The biggest landmark in Manchester hosting to some of the biggest names in showbiz and business. The tower is thin and glass like giving an almost effortless sophistication to the city. This is centred in the heart of Manchester, Deansgate. Also in Beetham tower is the beautiful Cloud 23, a clear glass and sophisticated bar with clear glass views from your seats overlooking Manchester. This is something very spectacular and breath taking.
The city also plays host to many different nightlife areas such as 5th Avenue, this is for the alternative, rock and indie genre of music. Busy, hectic and full of indie tracks you just have to sing along to! Also in the northern city is Canal street, one of the largest and most vibrant gay scenes in the UK, not just a street but a whole village, this fiery eye-catching destination attracts tourists from all over the world, strips of clubs and bars e nightlife is something spectacular attracting not just homosexuals and lesbians.


However falling behind the busy vibrant, eye-catching nightlife, are the back streets and alley ways of the city. Dark and distorted they are places that hinder the value of the city. Lurking in the background they are filled with the most uncertain suspects wanting to confuse and pray upon those who know no different. However the northern city of the UK, with high levels of talent and opportunity and so much more, will always have a special place in my heart; friendly, welcoming and polite – it’s the people who make the city. Northerners known for their bubbly personalities, outrageous individuality and traditional values this is just an added specialty to the “London of the north”. Manchester is the only city in the world with the highest number of student intake, this shows the city is a hotbed for student lifestyle. Looking through the bright lights of the city centre to the outer suburbs of the city accommodating the families and family homes, whist the city holds the key to up and coming ambitious careers of the future people of today. Manchester is more than just a city, but a home, a career, a lifestyle and more importantly the future.