Sweet Nothing

by The Sean Maloney Show

Calvin Harris and Florence Welch return for round two with club smasher “Sweet Nothing” but will this be a bittersweet second UK Number 1 for UK artists.

“Sweet Nothing” is the second follow-up single from Calvin Harris and Florence Welch after the UK Number 1 smash hit “Spectrum” which claimed the UK top spot on July 5th. Calvin Harris and Florence Welch’s latest collaboration belts over darting sounds and pulsing beats, resulting in a chorus more pacy than Sunday’s F1 Grand Prix. After hours of being released on 14th October, this face paced club hit accompanied by the haunting yet soulful sounds of Florence Welch hit Number 1 on the UK iTunes top spot and is on trend throughout social networking sites with outstanding reviews. “Sweet Nothing” is on track for gaining Number 1 in the UK Top 40. A second victory for the outstanding vocals of Florence Welch and Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.