Made In Chelsea.

by The Sean Maloney Show

15th October, tonight has been all about the return of …  Made In Chelsea. Bitching, bust ups, cheating, shopping spree’s and cat fights all in a simple episode of the wealthy Chelsea reality show.

Everybody wealthy guilty pleasure returned to screens tonight as we saw the hugely anticipated return of the Chelsea based reality TV show. After the previous series’ shot the cast members into fame and became a brilliant success throughout Europe, there was still a sense of just touching the tip of the ice burg with the mysterious and model like cast members. This series already began with a dramatic announcement of Spencer Matthews toying with his old flame Louise Thompson, who both were supposed to have separated last series as Spencer Matthews joined the reality TV show of “The Bachelor  – this created an enigma for the audience as everyone is already confused with what the current situation is. Will Louise Thompson be that gullible to take love rat Spencer back?  The dramatic comeback of the Chelsea based reality show also gave the audience their second shock as Ollie Locke, notorious for changing his sexuality throughout the series’ and always unlucky in love, announced a shock decision to cut off his model/lion-like mane. As fellow Made In Chelsea fans will realise, Ollie Locke’s hair adds to his personality and overall persona, will this be a regrettable change or just a damn right stupid decision? Made In Chelsea’s return also saw the comeback of Jamie Laing, lovable rogue and all round favourite from the reality TV hit, Jamie has been on a relationship roller coaster throughout the series’ of the Chelsea based show but has successfully bounced back, happier than ever, living life to the full taking a luxurious holiday with the boys on a glamorous Yacht off the south coast of France.

The return of the guilty pleasure, Made in Chelsea also saw an income of dramatic newbies;  Andy Jordan, Sam Cussins and Stevie Johnson are all 23 and are best friends of the Candy Kittens entrepreneur, Jamie Lang. Also Sophia Sassoon who is an ex of love rat and resident tosser, Spencer Matthews, and Richard Dinan finally kicked skinny minny Kimberly to the curb and replaced her with new fancy lady, Rose Cochrane-Stack. This continued to see the first bust up of the new series with newbie Andy lock horns with love rat Spencer Matthews over damsel in no distress Louise Thompson. We could clearly see Spencers crown slipping and becoming worries as more of the new males took interest into bittersweet Louise. So all in all I can safely say Made in Chelsea is back with bang and holding more secrets and surprises in store than ever. Will Louise continue to be a doormat? Is there something behind Ollie’s new look? Whats next for Spencer and Andy? Will Cheska’s meddling continue? Only one way to find out, Made In Chelsea 10pm E4, Monday nights.