A new dawn, a new day, a new light.

by The Sean Maloney Show

Well its that time of year again, Christmas is over and New Year is upon us.

I remember when I was much younger, around 9 years old and I never really understood the fuss over New Year? However now I do. New Years Eve is filled with excitement and adrenaline, everyone all pumped up and ready to grab the next year with both hands. The air filled with a thick sense of enthusiasm and rush of energy as the clocks strikes midnight.

2012 seems some what of a blur, almost like a dart firing past. A brilliant year for Britain and a memorable year for most people. Ive enjoyed the excitement around 2012 and the anticipation over London 2012 Olympics. However with the speed the year has flown by it makes you think, was all the stress really necessary? Christmas 2012 had an untouchable era to it, almost the sense of october? This year has definitely felt dismantled and mix matched but now all our thoughts are with 2013, what will the new year bring? What are your ambitions and targets? Thinking about how fast the year has gone by is actually quite scary knowing that you have no control over time, I don’t know whats more scary, time or no control. 

I can definitely say I’m more than looking forward to 2013, lots to look forward to more ambitions and targets to achieve. Maybe this year I’m going enjoy the journey rather than rush to the destination.