Double Vodka and Lemonade Please

by The Sean Maloney Show

I can see myself saying “Double Vodka and lemonade please” quite a few times tomorrow night.

Im incredibly excited for New Years Eve, and to say goodbye to 2012. An acceptable year but not perfect. As I’ve got older into my teens New Years Eve has become incredibly hyped and highly anticipated. An event which see’s everyone flock into towns and cities to hit the nightlife one last time and party hard all in aid of saying a final goodbye and a toast to the past year.


When I was younger I always remembered new years eve has the grown ups night. The night the baby sitter came over and as children do, we caused mischief all night long. However now times have changed and its all about the social aspect of New Years Eve and living in Britain, which is notoriously known for its drinking culture, it would almost be rude not to enjoy an ice cold grey goose vodka and lemonade with a thin slice of freshly cut lemon… or 2… or 10.

I love that feeling of excitement and adrenaline mixed together in the pit of your stomach, causing it to churn unexpectedly. Thats when you know your going to have a brilliant night.