Under your skin.

by The Sean Maloney Show

Ive always had an interest in maintaining clear, fresh, bronzed skin but recently gaining a part time job within one of Britain’s leading skincare and cosmetic companies, Ive found an unknown hidden passion. Image

Appearance is a key factor to success in today’s shallow and shameful society, however I hold my hands up and plead guilty as I too have fallen for the gimmicks and self indulgent commerciality of appearance. The pressure on the youth of today to be “perfect” is an incredibly tough and high standard to maintain and aspire to. The number one to blame is instantly celebrities in glossy magazine and advertisements constantly promoting and modelling the latest cosmetic must buy or the newest flawless fashion piece, however was this always going to happen in todays indulgent society?

Recently gaining a part time job at No.7 exclusive to Boots, I have seen first hand and witnessed men crumbling into the pressure of advertisements but also peer pressure jokes, which have left a mark skin deep. Unfortunately Men take a back seat when it comes to appearance and are believed to care less. However with society changing every second and every day men are becoming increasingly worried and about their appearance. However I just become more enticed by the ever growing products hitting the shelves and the latest trends within skincare and cosmetics.

Skincare and cosmetics have become and unlikely passion of mine. If someone told me two years ago I would enjoy applying make up and creating master pieces faces from nothing to something, I would have laughed. skincare and cosmetics are not just products but an art. An art to achieving high standards just like any other discipline.