This is no James Bond

by The Sean Maloney Show

Shaken and not stirred are the famous lines that fall from 007’s James Bond’s mouth in almost every blockbuster bond to hit our screens but when The Bourne films hit our screen, how would we all react?


However after recently hearing, and becoming attracted to ‘The Bourne’ films, such as The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Legacy, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum featuring Matt Damon, I was pleasantly surprised how good they actually were. Gripped and thrilled from start to finish with endless and turns, I couldn’t think of a better way to create an action thriller which doesn’t follow the James Bond storage. The films were complete by Matt Damon’s effortless and futuristic performance keeping myself gripped all the way through. Difficult to create such a follow up after the storm of James Bonds films, I think Matt Damon has done himself proud with this edgy thriller guaranteed to keep you gripped! 

Which of the films is my favourite? oh now you ask me.

I have to say after watching all Bourne films I can safely say my favourite has to be the second one. The reason for this is purely down to shock factor. So many unexpected occurrences and new characters kept me gripped from start to finish. The last films see’s a new main character as Matt Damon steps down and hands over to Avengers, Jeremy Renner. Not knowing what to expect with this last minute cast change I was extremely surprised with the continuity and follow up feeling. Overall I can safely say there is no comparing with James Bond, simply for the diversity and difference between the story lines and cast. The Bourne films are a serious competitor of 007 and are definitely worth a watch.

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