by The Sean Maloney Show

You can turn me down, you can throw me out, the harder out, the harder I come back around, just like a boomerang. 

Life has many knock backs and believe it or not, at the age of 19 I’ve had my fair share and more. One thing I wont let happen will it be to stop me pursuing my dreams and ambitions. I felt almost useless and numb from the amount of times I’ve visually seen “declined” come through the post, but instantly bouncing back and throwing myself into another challenge and spiralling off down another route to achieve my dreams and ambitions. My drive and determination is second to none and I believe this is one of the strongest qualities a person can obtain. A knock back or decline is just another way to say “there’s something else better out there for you”.

Spending a year of my life applying for drama schools throughout Great Britain’s most popular cities and institutes proved difficult and heart wrenchngly devastating at times. Out of 15 applied for I achieved confirmed places at 7 institutes including The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Manchester School of Acting and Italia Conti Theatre Arts London. As time went on I became obsessed with auditions and gaining places, the pressure was addictive and the drive and determination was almost on overtime. I then understood this become more than a place within drama school but a test and sense of pride and competition to gain the places id set out to gain from a young age. It felt like all the castings, commercials, photo shoots and auditions all came down to “how many places I could gain”. Which in fact it was the total opposite, this was something far greater, far more psychological than gaining a place. Luckily once the audition period was over and the results came through I sat down and thought about where i wanted to go and re assessed my goals and ambitions within life and what I wanted from my career. Luckily with the support and help at the reach of my finger tips i selected the correct drama school and I’m now moving on into my second year. The drive and determination within my body and mind tore through the auditions but most of al the little doubts nestling in the back of my mind.

The word “declined” will always haunt me and be a word I would much rather avoid within the future, coming back around like a boomerang and achieving goals and ambitions is what taught me to always be self motivated… because the fact is, motivation is the key to success.