On your marks, get set, go!

by The Sean Maloney Show

tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock.

The nervous sense of excitement as your stomach turns with anxiety as your about to set off on your training run, with the pressure and nervousness mounting in your head. My feet firmly squashed into my running trainers, iPod headphones securely tight around my head making sure all the preparation is in place for the run. My heart pounds faster and faster before I take the first few steps into the run almost feeling like a sense of a battle with my inner self delving deep into the mind of a professional runner. The pressure and countdown of weeks until the final race and ultimate London marathon ticking away slowly but surly in my head. The thought of not completing the 26.9 miles not an option. Then I do it, I pounce into the jog, deeply breathing and gasping in the cold crisp frost like air from outside.

Suddenly all the pressure and anxiety has flown through my body like a river on full speed down a river bank. The build up to the training and the race is worse than actually completing the run/race. Within 82 days 8 hours and 40 minutes I will be running the London Marathon. Nerves have completely overthrown my body and made me feel anxious yet excited. I know I will be able to complete the Marathon but coming through the ballet with a respectable time is a completely different matter. The feeling will be indescribable when I cross the finishing line, the feeling of power, accomplishment and achievement will be completely worth the pain, sweat, blood and possibly tears. To complete The London Marathon at age 19 will be one of my greatest achievements to date. The training is intense and pressured, along with the side pressure from friends and family.


Running releases something in my brain, the tension and on going anxiety I suffer when In deep thought. The feeling of your music blaring through your earphones as each foot pounds the treadmill like a drum. The shakes flowing through your body as the heat rises and your temperature is at breaking point, gasping for deep breaths, inhaling water and air faster than an Aston Martin DB9 racing round a race track at record time. The stitch in the side of your rib cage becoming like a sharp dig with sword continuously; and I guess your thinking? Why would anyone want to endure such a horrific trial? In all honesty, the pain is addictive and te feeling of coming to a sudden stop and the blood bursting round your body at full speed racing to your brain and heart is a feeling which words can’t describe. running is more than exercise but a sense of escapism and release for tension continuing to build within the body. Don’t get me wrong I’m no health freak but running will always be a guilty pleasure. So as time draws closer, my mind draws to the next training day and my next goal of distance and calories I will burn, and suddenly it hits me, this will be exciting and a new adventure, not a challenge but an adventure.

This is going to become more than a marathon more and each and every mile will mean something special and a sense of achievement. This is going to be a journey of self discovery and journey to improve my physical appearance but also mental strength. being a model and drama student there is an incredible pressure to appear attractive and effortlessly desirable, I believe the marathon will help settle some old demons to rest whilst also helping me to remain healthy and active!

I will be running the Virgin London Marathon for Word Wildlife Foundation I aim to raise as much money possible, this is an intense and life changing challenge with a target of 1000 it’s not going to be easy. I’m young and athletic but The WWF lays close to my heart, being such a huge animal lover and my passion for preserving and protecting exceeds the £3 a month adoption, but running the Virgin London Marathon 2013. All this wont be possible without your help! Any donations are kindly welcomed in more ways than one!

Please Visit my Just Giving Page and donate as much or as little as you like, every little helps!

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