Addiction takes form in the new Temple Run 2

by The Sean Maloney Show

The game that hit iPhone’s and caused “The Temple Run Craze” phenomenon across the world.

A game where you tilt your phone and steer a running figure across a broken down wall, dodging, diving and sliding through traps and collecting the valuable gold coins along the way. Sounds addictive? No? You haven’t seen the half of it.  Temple run was fast paced, thrilling and overall a huge smash it. Storming to number 1 in the iTunes app store Top Charts, it was the most downloaded app for a number of months, as word of moth spread, Temple Run went viral! Cheats, tips, tricks and screen shots were uploaded onto various social networking sites to help others get as far as possible throughout the game. As you achieved more coins you could buy accessories and new characters taking the game to new levels, as the characters performed better you eventually moved further on throughout the game.

Temple run was then taken to the next level as weeks ago, Temple Run 2 hit the app store, instantly shooting to number 1 for a second time in the apple app store. I can safely say the Temple Run craze is back, and bigger than ever. When I tested The Temple Run 2 game, I thought it would take a matter of minutes to get a feel for the game and then be able to simple write up a quick review. 3 hours later my fingers were still stuck firmly onto the game, my eyes peeled wide open and watering slightly with my blinking per minute down to a minimum to stop me loosing concentrating. The addictiveness of the new temple run is unbelievable. So your probably thinking, whats different in Temple Run 2? Temple Run 2 is more difficult, as the wall is more unsteady with much more tricks and rubbish in the way, it makes it difficult to control the figure with last minute moves and finger tapping seconds to spare, every move on the new temple run is vital! As the temple run figure runs furiously and may I add, is completely unstoppable, whilst chased by huge monster like creatures speedily footsteps away from you, any trip of slip or even wrong move could cost you your temple run game!

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The bit I most enjoy is earning enough coins to buy new characters and accessories helping you to progress throughout the game quicker. The sense of gaining a new character is almost a sense of a fresh start and new game, I find myself telling myself over and over “Just one last go“, “no this really is the last time” when really hours last my eyes are still completely peeled and bloodshot with the tension mounting as I’m coins away from beating my personal best and then suddenly it happens… I fall just coins away from beating my personal best.  The anger you can feel over a simple game is unbelievably addictive. If your going to play this game, make sure you have time to spare and your completely comfy because one thing you wont be doing is putting this down in a hurry.

Well all that’s left for me to say is, until next time Temple Run…