Turn that frown upside down

by The Sean Maloney Show

A self proclaimed WAG, Mum of 4, fashion designer and ex girl group member, is there anything else Victoria Beckham can do?

After being in one of the most famous girl groups of all time and married to one of the most desirable men on the planet, Victoria Beckham is still accessorising that glum, dull frown.


Throughout the years of the explosion into the pop world, spice girls changed the way pop music was produced, listened to and created. The edgy ad unpredictable girl group were never ones to shy away from the camera with various awards under their belt including a pristine Brit award. The girl group consisted of Geri Halliwel, Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham. Once the girl group split and the rumours of a reunion died down the girls took separate paths into different careers and to explore other elements which they were good at. Victoria Beckham is the envy of many woman carrying the envious skinny model like frame, David Beckham on her arm and an ever growing family. But she still stands dainty and dull blending into the background with a furious frown slapped on her face like she’s been hit with a wet fish. Victoria Beckham herself recently stated in a popular celebrity magazine “I know I look moody, I probably wouldn’t talk to myself either”. This is the odd thing, it’s almost positive Victoria Beckham knows she’s moody but doesn’t change anything about it.


The VB brand that is constantly growing and becoming more popular within many countries comes free with the frowning moody mum for 4. Victoria Beckham always pictured looking glamorous, sophisticated and perfect in many ways can never be faulted on her behaviour within the public eye which can’t be said for many celebrities, so what if she’s moody? Who would want to smile with millions of pounds in the bank, a perfect family and an amazing career?