Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

by The Sean Maloney Show

Night Night, make sure the bed bugs don’t bite!

After years of being a skin care fanatic and religiously sticking to a strict regime and trying various brands and steps to gain the perfect skin, including prescription skin care. I always had a problem with night care for my skin, nothing ever worked, it seemed like it would work for the first few hours, but when awakening in the early hours for work and university my skin would be oily yet dehydrated. This was a common problem and as i began to research many others suffered from this problem also. So I guess you’re thinking, how do we solve this?


Whilst working I stumbled across Estee Lauder “Night Repair” approximately £54 for the larger bottle this was in intense serum in a dark browny red bottle, to apply you used the intimidating scientific pipette. Working within the skin care and make up sector myself, I instantly introduced myself with the ever-growing, famous serum. After cleansing at night-time, I simply applied a generous amount to the back of my hand and spread it around my face and began to massage it into the skin until all was absorbed. Overnight nothing felt tingly or sensationalised or anything dramatic, however when I woke up something felt very different, as I stared into the mirror and took a closer look at my skin, it instantly looked smoother and brighter. My eye area was lightened and brightened with a firmer feeling. This was an incredible step after just once use. Therefore I religiously used Estee Lauder’s night repair for the upcoming weeks and after a week it felt unbelievably smooth and different.

Estee Lauder believe Use it every night for a significant reduction in the appearance of major signs of visible ageing. Skin looks smoother, younger, more radiant and healthy. The product is only used at night due to the repairing chemical which can’t be used in day time; the reason for this is simply because the sunlight destroys it, meaning it will be useless. However by using it at night-time it repairs your skin intensely overnight but also lasts throughout the day. Advanced night repair has won various awards for the ground breaking research and the overall product such as the Cosmopolitan Beauty and Fragrance Awards 2012 – Best Age Defying Serum, whilst also winning the prestigious Stylist Skincare Awards 2011 Winner.

After 30 years of intense research and innovation the Lauder Company have found exclusive Chronolux™ Technology helps reduce the appearance of past damage. Visible signs of ageing look improved-specifically lines, uneven skin tone and immediate hydration. I found my pigmentation around the cheek area was reduced rapidly whilst also giving me something no other serum has ever done before, giving me a sense of the product is actually working and doing some good. This is a must have product and available in different sizes. Even if you’re unsure of the product pop to your nearest Estee Lauder company and ask for a sample. I use this religiously and couldn’t think of an alternative to replace it. Advanced Night Repair really is a one-off product.

Everybody needs a bit of Advanced Night Repair in their life!