It’s Dior, Darling.

by The Sean Maloney Show

With all skin, laid bare and exposed to the natural light and the essence of natural beauty in the air, the last thing you need is a thick full coverage layer of make up clogging your skin, filling your pores and creating an overworked mask look.


With pictures constantly plastered on billboards and magazine covers of flawless supermodels with faultless skin, the publics perception of beauty is once again distorted. Being a make up artists and working around make up all day, everyday and finding the perfect colour and coverage for customers I know an understand the importance of a simple foundation. With the turn over from winter to spring in full run, our skin unfortunately is taking an unwanted bashing and beating from the blizzard like weather conditions combined with scorching temperatures from central heating pounding against the skin’s surface. With so many foundations on the market and competition more fierce than ever, any advice is kindly welcomed into the ever-growing and enhanced eye-opening beauty industry.

When working with customers I need to ensure the transition from dull and dreamy to perfection and starlet is seamless and effortless! – So here are my top tips for perfecting that ultimate fresh spring look with effortless starlet skin. With the weather fighting every skin cell on your open face, the freezing cold temperatures and then the heat blasting temperature from central heating tends to dry the skin completely to the core. By applying a foundation onto a dry and cracked skin you will be doing yourself no favours! Compensate by switching to a refreshing and hydrating BB Cream or tinted moisturiser. This will give you a little less coverage but also hydrate and refresh your skin giving it the victims and nutrients it needs to last the day throughout the bitter weather conditions. So putting to the test I tested Diorskin Nude BB Crème, £30 by Dior.

Compared to other BB creams, others are often oil infused and contain too much moisture however with Diorskin Nude BB Crème we see the perfect balance between coverage and moisture. Refreshing the skin’s surface but also injecting moisture deep down into the skin helping to protect and fight the bitter weather conditions. In terms of coverage Diorskin BB Crème is amazing. Perfectly balanced with just the right amount of coverage to cover imperfections and blemishes but also look natural and effortlessly perfect.  The best element of The BB Crème has to be the 3 shades of colour, the colours are perfect reflections of natural skin tones whilst going your skin a natural glow and boosting the natural instant radiance within the skin. When applying the amazing Diorskin BB Crème I suggest using a brush, when applying with a brush you can see the cream smoothly evened out over the skin whilst also getting the most out of the about you have applied. This is incredibly cost effective but also healthy for your skin.


Quick tip: if you use your fingers to apply the full face of foundation you transfer different hand oils to the face resulting in blemishes but most of all oily skin casing the make up to run and not live to its full potential.

Diorskin BB Crème is the new beauty balm that offers the perfect balance of fresh, light and flawless correction in an airy formula with mineralised floral water. This new premium counter BB Cream moisturisers, smooths, protects and corrects with a sheer coverage, illuminated with a unique fresh glow, your skin has never been so beautiful. This £30 essential is available in 3 shades with a creative and clever technology with helps blend to your natural skin tone unlike any other BB Cream.

Working around foundations and BB creams eery day and finding a real gem amongst the pebbles is difficult however to find a cream which is coverage but also healthy for skin I would recommend for anyone! A real surprise of this Diorskin BB Crème would have to be the target audience, surprisingly many men have reached out and bought this in aid of a light coverage to even out pigmentation and skin tone. Is the pressure of beauty and the media effecting the male population more than we once envisaged?