by The Sean Maloney Show

Bleep, Bleep, Bleep, Bleep – Snooze.

That perfect moment when your slumped beneath the bed covers, wrapped up like a sausage roll, the warmth of the bed surrounding your whole body. Your head firmly indulged into the pillow so heavy on your head the feeling of not even a giant could move it; your eyes lightly closed and breathing as steady as a gymnast on a beam 10 meters high. 


Then suddenly that piercing shrieking alarm sounding, pounding your ear drums like an elephant stampede marching through your head and the shock factor resulting in your eyes springing open with devastating of your deep sleep cracked open like an Easter egg. That’s when you stare into the alarm clock with anger and hatred for the hideous sounding noise screeching from the speaker, and that’s when the realization of morning occurs and your body tenses and slumps back into the covers knowing you don’t have long left until your parted. Your eyes are forcing themselves shut but the will power of morning forcing them open alongside that sharp beam of light firing through the tiniest gap between the wall and side of the curtain. 


This is possibly the most depressing feeling ever, waking up. Waking up is almost like a chore, a tedious and repetitive chore that should be banished. Opening your eyes and forcing yourself out of bed and downstairs to make, the only savior that is coffee. Morning wake up call’s have to be number 1 on my most hated tedious life chores. Being so comfy and settled at nighttime wrapped up in a bundle of covered makes the snooze button incredibly appealing in the morning.


Ever found yourself in that situation where you have become too friendly with snooze button and hit it more than enough times? – Thats me, nearly every morning, slowly peeling my eyes open to see I’ve overslept by at least an hour, firing myself out of bed like a catapult being pulled back to the ultimate stretching boundary. Running round piecing an outfit together half asleep, toothbrush hanging out my mouth, phones ringing, music playing and clothes and boots flying everywhere. This is the result of the tedious alarm clock and the enemy that is the snooze button. Mornings will never be pleasant but what I’ve learnt is the best thing to do is just roll out of bed on the sounding of the first alarm giving yourself an instant wake up but also forcing you to face to morning full steam ahead.