by The Sean Maloney Show

Looking in the mirror and seeing more and more lines everyday? Botox? nah get a Primer!

Primers are shooting to the top of the charts within the beauty industry and because the must have essential product for many men and woman all over the world. With primers released everyday it’s hard to establish which are the best and which are just ‘rip offs’ – working within make up and skincare I find myself surrounded by tester pots and overfilled samples of ‘The Next Big Thing’ however, the only way to find the best primer on the market is to give into temptation and sample the primer for 7 days. using it religiously over a period of 7 days. This gives your skin time to adjust to the new ingredients working deep within your skin.


A primer is almost like a blur for the skin, filling in all pores and fine lines, filled with light reflecting pears a primer helps to diffuse light away from the skin but also helps to smooth the appearance of skin, giving skin a more even and smooth complexion. Once youve used a primer you will make it your everyday essential. Small and accessible they are the perfect handbag size whilst also the perfect size for travelling. Men and woman are recommend to use primers because they are a unisex beauty product giving men the overall benefits of a primer whilst also making womens make up regime easier and run smoothly, in more ways than one.

After testing primers consistently throughout the beauty industry, I found the perfect addition to the skincare and make up regime. Clarins Smooth Perfecting Touch is possibly the best primer on the market today. Ranging from £20 to £25 this is a beauty essential. Smoothing all fine lines, blemishes and filling pores giving your skin the radiance boost needed after tackling one of the worst winters in decades. This award winning primer is the perfect combination of make-up and skin care. With an ultra-light, ultra-smooth texture it glides on skin, leaving a imperceptible veil on its surface, filling in and smoothing away the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Your skin is left ‘ foundation ready’ to give your make-up a more even and flawless finish. Can also be used alone or mixed-in with your foundation. To apply this absolute gem of a beauty product, simply dab and dot onto the area and smooth over.

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