Blood Sweat & Tears

by The Sean Maloney Show

The days draw closer, the anxiety builds and my heart pounds. The London Marathon is getting closer and closer.

The Virgin London Marathon, isn’t for the faint hearted but for those who are driven and determined. It’s about the technique not the skill. I’ve been training near enough as much as i possibly can fit into my day today schedule. Whilst balancing the pressures of fundraising and everyday life. The more I think about this killer marathon the more my heart pounds and stomach turns, like I’ve almost dry swallowed a giant pill. My nerves are 100% on edge consistory trying to plan the race, but the truth is, you can’t plan a 26.9 mile race, all you can do is make sure your body is in the best possible shape for the race. I can complete 15K in 52Minutes which looks promising. The marathon is a total of 40K converted from miles. My overall aim would e to complete this life long ambitious race in under 5hours. The though of running 5 hours constantly is extremely worrying, the amount of blood, sweat and tears passed through this stomach churning marathon will be expected.

I’m going to hopefully hold a baking sale within Media City UK to try an earn as much money i can towards raising money for The World Wildlife Foundation. This is going to be tough but it will be something that I will always remember for the rest of my life. Thinking back I understand I should have possibly completed a smaller marathon in place of the London Marathon to gain confidence and skill, but that’s just me… All or nothing.

I chose to raise money for the World Wildlfe foundation because its something which I strongly believe in being a huge lover of our fury friends it’s something which I will always support as I get older. Animals are just like humans but less defensive and need some help. Knowing that some are becoming extinct is extremely worrying and makes me worried for the future of the wildlife in the world. What will you tell your children or your sons and daughters children when animals are evoking extinct? They won’t see the true beauty of a tiger and the amazing creative of rhinos. This is why I will be doing everything I can to help this amazing charity.

and you can help too! Please donate as much as you can to my JustGiving page where you can pay direct debit and help as much or as little as you can! Every little really does help!

Training is becoming tough, blisters are forming and my joins are becoming stiff and difficult to move. I am going to continue perusing this challenge and I won’t give up, giving up is not an option but a choice and unfortunately I don’t have a choice. This will be one of my greatest achievements to date. The London marathon is something that I will be able to advise and share with people for years to come and something which will be always remembered for the bloody sweat and tears.