Double Trouble

by The Sean Maloney Show

To many people Serum is just a word, to others it’s a daily must have essential in your beauty and skincare regime.

As I’ve previously said before, working as a make up artist in central Manchester I’m surrounded by skincare and cosmetics everyday, working closely within many different brands such as Dior, Chanel and Clarins. Skincare and Cosmetics are more than just creams and powders but art. Recently Clarins released their highly anticipated and most talk about, Double Serum, to put the rumours to bed I sampled and tested this intriguing beauty product. A serum is massaged onto the facial area and upper neck before any moisturiser is applied and is often anti ageing and thinner than a moisturiser meaning it will be absorbed deeper into the skins layers.


The eye catching design of the packaging instantly drew me in with the separation of the dual acting formula inside. I could instantly see the Double Serum was a combination of water-based and oil-based formulas, this was to replicate the model of the skin’s hydrolipidic film and the dual “oil-water nature of the skin cells. This gave the consumer something completely different and new.

Clarins are the only beauty company to focus on reactivating the five vital functions within a serum, almost caring for every aspect of your skin. The Double Serum focused on hydration; keeping my skin soft and soothed, Nutrition; helping to boost my skins natural radiance and suppleness, Oxygenation; helping to give my skin a natural healthy looking glow, Regeneration; giving my skin firmness and density and finally Prevention; working hard to cure and repair them all important fine lines and wrinkles whilst giving the overall prevention of gaining more.

Not sold yet? – There more..

82% of men and woman judge Double Serum to be more effective than their regular serum whilst also from the first application skin is smoothed whilst given a natural radiance and toned. After just 4 weeks of using this wonder serum less pores are visible, skin looks firmer, brighter and radiant. Skin also appears much fresher whilst wrinkles and fine lines are reduced giving skin elasticity.


Quick Tip: When applying Clarins Double Serum, apply to a clean dry face and work into the facial area avoiding the eye area until all is absorbed.

When I put Clarins Double Serum to the test, I instantly thought, “this is impossible”, “surly not” and “what makes this one so different”. After the first application from the easy to use pump and eye catching bottle out came the separated formula one oily and dark whilst another clear and light, I mixed both together by rubbing into the palms of my hands then massaged into the skin for a further 3 minuets, working in upwards motions. After the Double Serum settled onto my skin, my skin looked slightly radiant and smoother, instantly from the first application. I was shocked to see results so quickly. After continuing to use for a further 4 days, I was seeing the increase in glow and brightness within my skin, giving a radiant and plump look. This was not what I expected. I continued to use Clarins Double Serum for a further 2 weeks, taking the process to 3 weeks and the results were brilliant. Radiant, soft and controlled my skin looked firmer and even within weeks. I would definitely recommend this serum to anyone.

If you’ve recently used the Double Serum, please comment and let me know how it worked for you!

The competition really will find this to be, double trouble.