by The Sean Maloney Show

It’s that time of year again when the gym is packed and everyone has one thing on their mind… Their next holiday destination.

Throwing garments after garments into an oversized and already full case is what almost comes natural to us british, however when effortlessly storming down the beach, with that wet surfer look doesn’t come natural to everyone, this is where your holidays essential list comes in.

Summer is about showing off all the work you’ve put in to your sculptured body, draped with the latest designer fashionwear to hit the catwalk with a high street twist. Don’t be a fashion victim this summer, be your very own fashionista.


I would recommend your first holiday essential is all about the wet, bed head surfer look, and to complete this look you would need your very own Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray, a premium haircare company part of the Estee Lauder company, this does what it says on the bottle. This holiday essential gives you that messy, messed up sexy fresh out of bed look. Don’t leave your holiday hut without this superb salt spray.

Now your thinking, I’ve got my sexy messed up bed hair, what next?

Now its all about the shoulders, working down from that statement hair style, drenched in bumble and bumble’s finest, you need that perfect neck scarf that adds glamour with everyday beach bay. This is where Alexandra McQueen’s famous neck scarf fits perfect into your summer essentials list. A neutral colour with spotted skulls throughout the thin transparent garment this would look perfect with any beach outfit. Knocking the competition head over flip flops! When wearing tie a large oversized knot within the scarf, making a large hoop hole around the neck, leaving it loose and free and possible, making the most of this catwalk gem.


Draped head to toe in designer beach essentials but missing the perfect and most important beach accessory? – The all important statement bag. Nobody does bags better than the designer himself, Louis Vuitton.

When working with a mixture of colours and texture, the beach bag can make or break this simplistic yet eye catching ensemble of catwalk must haves. Making a statement is the most important key fact when working it hard at the beach, therefore a bright bold yellow would be perfect, working well in conjunction with the summer feel, yellow can only make things brighter. This Louis Vuitton bag simply adds the style and sass needed to complete your beach bay feel and crave your summer essentials.


The Sun is beaming down, bouncing off the sand and brighter than ever before and you find yourself yelping, “my eyes, my eyes, where are my sunglasses?” – Don’t fear, Chanel is here.

This eye catching summer sunglasses scream attention and all things Chanel. Different from your usual “bug eye” sunglass shape, this Chanel beauties are perfect for the self confessed fashionista. The dark to light circular framing adds sophistication and style with a hint of retro sixties. Effortlessly blending and fading away into your facial shape, these would be perfect for any beach body.


Now your holiday destination is sorted and your summer essentials are under way, with no hesitation hit the nearest shopping high street or designer outlet and treat yourself, after all you are working very hard, looking forward to summer!

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