Disappointing Comeback.

by The Sean Maloney Show

Back and disappointing as ever. 

In early January 2013, via his official Twitter account, Justin Timberlake posted a tweet, “I think I’M READY”, before posting a link to a YouTube video which shows him walking into a studio and explains his absence from releasing new songs. This resulted in Justin releasing “Suit & Tie”. His highly anticipated and secretly planned return was on everybody’s mind.


When I first heard “Suit & Tie” I couldn’t believe my ears, the song was slow and almost lazily put together with repetition at its best, the song replayed the words Suit & Tie over and over so much I began to think my iTunes had crashed. It almost feels like it needs to be speeded up or even turned down. teaming up with king of R&B JAY-Z, this seemed like an almost tactical and clever move from Timberlake to boost sales, whilst I believe JAZ-Z made the song his own and more suited to him rather than Timberlake himself. Justin Timberlake known for his boy next door look and his cool and risky music has taken a back seat whilst “old man” Justin Timberlake has returned to music disappointing fans of what they expected to be one of the biggest come backs yet… Lets just leave the come backs to come back queen Britney Spears.

Michael Cragg of The Guardian wrote that “Suit & Tie” feels like the work of someone “luxuriating in the fact they’re making music again” and not someone “desperate to redefine pop in the face of its recent club-related slump”. He stated that the song is not a “sound-redefining, statement-making, globe-conquering comeback single” like “SexyBack” (2006) was, but “more of a midway point” between his previous singles “Señorita” and “Summer Love“. I couldn’t agree more with Michael Cragg, Justin’s new single isn’t statement making and is nothing like his hit single ‘Sexy Back’. Timberlake was always going to be under scrutiny from the media on the release of a highly anticipated comeback, but being a fan of Justin Timberlake’s earlier music, Suit & Tie just seems like a disappointing slope back into his old shoes when fans were expecting much, much more. Unfortunately Suit & Tie only reached Number 3 on the UK Top 40 Singles Chart and Number 4 on the Billboard Hot 100, this is a great achievement, but still far from expectation.

Timberlake is due to perform at the UK Brit Awards 2013 tonight, 20th February, he will be performing a new single called Mirrors.