Semaine dé la Mode

by The Sean Maloney Show

Paris fashion week saw the return of Louis Vuitton hitting the catwalk, striking jawlines and unforgettable pouts all tailored with the latest fashion.


This year was all about mensware and the rise, fall and rise again of the oversized bag and strict tailoring.


The Louis Vuitton collection gave a packed out collection full of shocks and surprises, firmly reinforcing The Vuitton love.


Louis Vuitton has always been one of my favourite designers of all time, simplicity, sharp sophistication and heart wrenching fashion one off’s Louis Vuitton will always be a required taste, but gaining the required taste allows you to understand the true extent of the fashion and beautiful creation of the brand.






The show-opening overcoat featured spots created by needle-punching mink through cashmere, and the show-closing evening-wear oozed sophistication — whether rendered in classic strict blacks and midnight blues or an intense “Garden in Hell” print by artists Jake and Dinos Chapman — just pure opulence. If this is Louis Vuitton’s take on travel, lets just say I’ll be booking my ticket.

Paris fashion week was one not to be missed and with Louis Vuitton firmly leading the way, the excitement ever grows ready for the next one.