by The Sean Maloney Show

With advanced night repair by Esteé Lauder taking the cosmetics industry by storm this left competition reeling and unknown of their next move. Dior boldly launched the much talked about and heavily debated Capture Totale XP Overnight Recovery

126021544-260x260-0-0_christian+dior+christian+dior+by+christian+dior+foAdvanced Night repair remains safely into my skincare regime, therefore I thought I would try “the next best thing” on the market today. At an average retail price of £75.00 this is on the more premium and higher scale of the skincare market. The lightweight gel essence that melts instantly into skin whilst Nourishing with a rich blend of active ingredients. Dior claim the overnight recovery optimizes regeneration to repair skin intensely and reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles over night.

After trailing this costly product, from thmoisturisers in the past and being very disappointed in the result, I was always sceptical on how this would work after such disappointment from its family of skincare products.

After 7 days of continuous usage from this overnight recovery, I was starting to notice a more even skin tone and almost a plumpness back to the skin. Becoming more and more impressed as the days went on it reached the two-week trial period and suddenly I didn’t notice anymore changes or advances in this skin care technology, experts may say this is because my skin may be too premature to notice and take in all the full benefits, however I was impressed from start to finish with this creamy-like gel in its signature sophisticated packaging.

Quick Tip: When applying Dior Capture 80 XP overnight record, squeeze the pipette and fill the small tube with as much of the concentrate as possible then release 7 pipette sized drops onto the back of the hand and distribute evenly over the skin. Spending more time around the forehead, cheek and eye bone area.

So the question remains, Night Repair or Capture 80 XP Overnight Recovery?

After lots of though and continuous swapping between both skin care hits, I’ve come to the decision I wont be replacing my Night Repair but I will be using Dior’s Capture 80 XP Overnight Recovery until the end and monitoring the changes within the skin. Evidently impressed by Dior, part of me feels like juggling between Esteé Lauder and Dior. However my loyalty to Night Repair remains firm within my skin care regime, but It wouldn’t hurt to monitor and keep Dior in mind.