Here’s To Everything

by The Sean Maloney Show

Cloud 9, shining like fire flies, moving at the speed of light.

Since November 2012 I’ve been vigorously training hard for the London Marathon 2013, and the countdown has now begun with 17 days until the big race. The race was founded by the former Olympic champion and journalist Chris Brasher and Welsh athlete John Disley. It is organised by Hugh Brasher (son of Chris) as Race Director and Nick Bitel as Chief Executive. Set over a largely flat course around the River Thames, the race begins at three separate points around Blackheath and finishes in The Mall alongside St. James’s Park. The ever-growing and highly anticipated event has raised over £450 million for charity since 1981, and holds the Guinness world record as the largest annual fund-raising event in the world, with the 2009 participants raising over an incredible £47.2 million for charity. In 2007, 78% of all runners raised money and 2011 the official charity of the London Marathon was Oxfam.

This year I will be running the London Marathon in aid of The World Wildlife Foundation, this is a charity which I feel very passionate about and feel proud to run the London Marathon for. The World Wildlife foundation help protect and preserve the nature and wildlife of the planet which is currently under huge threat from human’s, global warming and nature itself.

Training since November 2012 I still feel sick when I think about the 26.9 miles I will have to continuously run, determined and motivated. At 19 years of age I feel I have already achieved so much and adding The London Marathon to my list of life time achievements is something which I am more than determined to do. Whilst training I set myself mini goals in my head to help take the attention away from my legs pounding the pavement one after the other, the sweat trickling down my head and painful stabbing feeling of a stitch tearing away at my torso. With my over the head earphones firmly in place, music plays a huge part in training for the London Marathon as the beat and rhythm runs through your body leaving every inch motivated from head to toe, upbeat deep house anthems mixed with motivational tracks on shuffle helps your mind to concentrate on something different from the fear and anxiety building as your brain goes into overtime.

In the past 4 days I’ve run two half marathons leaving my body sore and aching in pain, completing the half Marathon in 1 hour 40mins I completely shocked myself with my ability and motivation to complete the challenge. From my calculations and mathematics this would mean completing the London Marathon within less than 4 Hours, however still lacking in confidence I aim to complete the London Marathon in 4hours 30mins. This would be a huge achievement and a life time goal achieved at the age of 19. One thing I’ve learnt more than anything when training for this notorious marathon is, running is more than exercise and more than the physicality but the mental preparation is more important and just as hard. Making sure your mind is clear, determined and focused is a huge important factor when training and running. Many marathon runners always say you come up against “The Wall”, the wall is a part of the marathon when your mind tells you, you can’t go on, you can’t do anymore, almost like coming up against a brick wall. However how you deal with this obstacle will determine the rest of your race. Finding all the will power your body and mind contains to overcome this obstacle will help you finish the Marathon. When completing the half marathon, I came up against “The Wall” and felt almost like I needed to stop and sit down, my body couldn’t go on, my calves screaming in pain, my stomach in knots and eyes streaming, my body tightening by the second begging to stop. Knowledge of “The Wall” helped me prepare for this huge obstacle and I powered on through, my palms sweaty, mouth desert dry and body seeping in sweat I overcame “The Wall” and finished the half marathon within a time quicker than I anticipated.

If I knew the preparation and training behind the marathon I would have probably thought twice about spontaneously entering, however I am now committed and 3 quoters of the way there. With 17 days and counting, preparation is the key.

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