Skincare Secret Weapon

by The Sean Maloney Show

After a turbulent winter with temperatures reaching new lows of -3 degrees, our skin has definitely faced the storms head on, and just when we thought they were over, they strike again. 

As a make up artist for Mac Cosmetics I regularly find customers asking for solutions to cure their problematic skin from extra dry, dry and oily combination, the extreme weather affects us all differently.

My skincare secret weapon this season has to be Mac Cosmetics, Volcanic Ash Exfoliator.

Mac Cosmetics known globally for their huge stamp in the cosmetic and beauty industry have created a skincare must have, which as expected, lives up to and beyond the hype.

This must have skincare necessity is made from fine sugar crystals and volcanic ash helping to cleanse, scrub and unclog the skin. Removing dry flakes and helping to even out pigmentation, this dual purpose exfoliator is known for being high in a bacteria destroying mineral known as sulphur.

Placing a small amount of the Volcanic Ash exfoliator on your hands work it into damp skin in a circular scrubbing motion. This products works incredibly well along side the famous Clarisonic helping to deep cleanse the skin, leaving it feeling fresh and smooth.

After religiously using this product for 8 weeks, 3/4 times a week, my skin is left feeling soft, fresh and visually enticing. This product is suitable for everyone however can be rough on the skin to begin with, work into damp skin slowly in circular motions helping the sugar crystals to dissolve.

Known for the fashion forward, trend based make up looks and assistant backstage at fashion week, Mac Cosmetic have excelled themselves once more creating a permanent addition to my skincare regime.

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