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F o u n d a t i o n

You’ve requested and I’ve provided, after lots of questions and comments regarding foundation I thought it would be easier to place in a blog post for you all to refer to when choosing your perfect foundation, I’ve also included some of my must buy foundations. When it comes to foundation it can be a touchy subject with most people, everyone is different and everyone likes to embrace different looks.

Having your foundation darker than you skin is a current trend in the UK to make yourself appear more tanned, however when your face doesn’t match with your neck, we seem to have a problem.

Tip: Always test out a new foundation colour in natural light and on fresh skin – you might not realise but applying foundation onto un cleansed skin can effect the colour payoff.

With so many foundations on the market and new beauty companies launching more every year the market can seem over populated. The aim of foundation is to be almost a thin veil over the skin evening out pigmentation and covering the odd blemish. Foundation isn’t a face mask and should be used to make yourself appear tanned. When choosing foundations you should be choosing them on your skin type, oily dry or combination. This will help the foundation sit better on the skin. Many companies such as Clinique have revolutionised foundation and altered for problematic skin such as redness or blemishes. This is brilliant for problematic or teenage skin.

As a make up artist I tend to stick between 3 foundations, Mac Cosmetics face and body foundation, Mac cosmetics studio fix and Giorgio Armani Maestro.

Mac cosmetics face and body is an incredibly lightweight water based foundation with light to medium coverage. This foundation is brilliant on all skin types and is a brilliant addition to the mac cosmetics foundation range. Incredibly thin and lightweight this means the foundation has buildable coverage and can be re-applied throughout the day. For oily skin types this foundation can often appear very shiny, always remember to set on top of the foundation with a powder completely setting it into place and keeping the longevity of it. The colour range in this foundation is very simple, a range of number in cool tones and warm tones and the best aspect of this foundation is you will always be able to find your perfect shade by mixing two foundations together. Available in two separate sizes a smaller one and a larger one this foundation is definitely one to add to your make up bag. Many people dislike face and body foundation at first for the simple reason of not knowing how to use it, have a play and mix it with others to find your perfect combination and I guarantee you will fall in love with this product.

another mac cosmetics favourite has to be the famous studio fix, known in the beauty industry for many different reasons this foundation is the opposite from face and body. slightly thick and with a creamy scent this foundation needs to be blended into the skin and worked through the skin with a buffing motion to ensure the perfect airbrushed vision. Again similar to face and body this foundation can always be mixed to ensure you find the perfect shade to match your skin tone. I find this foundation perfect for photoshoots and event make up, made to last and incredibly matte this foundation is perfect for giving you that complete finished look. Made with vitamin a and vitamin c this product is skin friendly and when blended sit on the skin perfectly. Studio fix isn’t for everyone, with a very thick appearance and often applied with the wrong tools this can often look “cakey” and unnatural.


When Armani created Maestro, everyone’s prayers was answered. In my opinion the perfect foundation for everyone’s skin and the best foundation on the market. Being a make up artist you come to grips with nearly every foundation on the market but this product excels every single foundation I’ve come to grips with, by miles. Presented in a small glass bottle with a pipette style applicator, classical and sophisticated this foundation oozes class and perfection. Incredibly thin with a silk like texture melting into your skin, this foundation appears it would just slide away. However when applied onto the skin and buffed in with a foundation duo fibre brush this foundation glides across the skin like an ice skate to ice, finishing with a velvety matte texture. You couldn’t ask for more. A perfect medium build able coverage this foundation feels as light as a feather on the skin.

Tip: Giorgio Armani also have another award-winning amazing foundation called “Luminous Silk” – this is a stand out amazing product, please go to your local Armani counter and ask for a sample.

Have you found the perfect foundation but think “why doesn’t this last long” ” why do I need to reapply so often” – look no further your answer is use a PRIMER.

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