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As promised here is my follow-up post from foundations on Primers. One of the most asked questions In the beauty industry and everyday life is “What is a primer?” I’m going to talk about why primers are used, my favourite primer and more importantly how to use a primer.

To achieve that flawless skin finish you may think the answer is a thick matte foundation, however that is the complete opposite. Applying foundation on to prepped skin is the answer. Prepping the skin is incredibly important, making sure the skin is hydrated and treated for any problems is may currently have. Then this is where the primer comes in, the primer is the glue between your skin and the foundation creating an invisible layer softening out the skin’s surface ensuring the foundation goes onto a completely smooth, protected and soft base. This will help achieve a flawless finish but also keeps the foundation in place up to 12x longer than it normally would without a primer.

Which primer is for you?

Again with so many on the market it can be difficult to find the perfect one for your skin type. Many primers have different qualities such as luminating, oil free, highlighting, SPF and so much more. We are incredibly lucky that the beauty industry has evolved fast and so much we are spilt for choice in which to pick! when it comes to choosing the perfect primer for you always remember to choose by the needs f your skin, if your skin is dry you will need a glossy hydration primer, if your skin is oily your going to need a mattifying oil free primer. If your skin is combination, you can pretty much choose any primer on the market.

Smash box

This company practically invented primers, they have the biggest bestest, most high quality range of primers on the market. Smashbox is part of the Estée Lauder company and have similar products to Mac Cosmetics. Smashbox have a huge range of primers from ones to help with hydration and dryness to oil free. Smashbox primers RRP at about £22.50 and are completely worth it, I use the white oil free primer because I have oily skin, this primer helps smooth fine lines, shiny skin and gives the skin a healthy overall appearance. As a make up artist when I’ve used Smashbox primers on customers they 9 times out of 10 ask me about the primer the day after due to the longevity in the foundation staying in place. Smashbox really have excelled themselves when it comes to their primer range. 10/10

Another of my favourite primers has to be Mac Cosmetics strobe cream, this isn’t called a primer and isn’t necessarily known for being a primer. This amazing multi use product is a highlighter, moisturiser and primer all in one. Smoothing into the skin the highlighting cream formula gives the skin a youthful glow whilst smoothing over any lumps and bumps creating a perfectly clear canvas ready for your foundation. Strobe cream contains incredibly expensive ingredients to help protect, sooth and maintain the skins appearance. This is a complete stand out product by cosmetic giants Mac Cosmetics. I’ve used strobe cream for almost a year now and I haven’t considered not using it. Also available in a thinner lotion the strobe cream can be mixed into foundations and moisturisers to create your ultimate power product. 9/10

Tip: for a gentle highlight dab strobe cream onto the cheekbones, colour bones or don’t the centre of your shin for an amazing natural highlight.

One of the beauty industry’s most talked about products, but I just don’t get it? – Clarins beauty flash balm is known in the world of cosmetics for being a stand alone winner on the “prepping your skin” products. Beauty flash balm states it’s an illuminating primer and face mask in one? What primer and face mask in one? my thoughts exactly.

Very excited at the prospect of a 2in1 product I put it to the test. I began smoothing the product into my skin after my daily skincare routine and instantly I noticed the product to be a thick cream struggling to move around the skin and the more I moved it around the more oil like it became. This was proving a problem. After a few minutes of working the product into the skin like a normal primer my skin was incredibly oily and the flash balm just appeared to turn into an oil and sit on my face. This was doing exactly the opposite from what it said it did. Tightens, brightens and soothes skin? Nope not on my skin, just an oily mess dribbling around my face. I couldn’t imagine how anyone could put product onto this oily formula, therefore I began again. Working the product less into my skin and almost a quick smooth over seemed to help but by this point I was already disappointed.

However not all doom and gloom, I applied a very thick layer into the skin and left for over 30mins and used a face mask, I felt this restored some brightness into my skin and have a gentle life. This product works very well as a face mask but anyone wondering about using it to primer before foundation? I would recommend to stay away.

What are your experiences with this product? Comment below and let me know how you got on.

Super primer by Clinique, Lightweight, oil-free primer creates an ideal makeup canvas. Colour corrects a range of concerns, preps for makeup application and wear. Colour glides on evenly, stays true. This is ideal for a younger skin or someone wanting to concentrate on the appearance of a sallow yellow skin tone or an overly red tone throughout their skin. Clinique have hit the nail on the head with it comes to combining colour correcting ingredients with priming the skin. Is this the best primer? Probably not but by combining the colour correcting formula you are bound to lose the importance of priming the skin. This is amazing for people co veneers with CC products.


If you want your foundation to appear smoother and last longer giving you and effortlessly lightweight feeling then you need to invest in a primer. Without a primer you can find yourself constantly topping up or reapplying your foundation giving you a fuller finish and more heavier than intended.

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