Feline F l i c k

by The Sean Maloney Show

T e c h n i c a l   L i n e r

The trend of the feline flick and 60s chic came back this spring and summer as we saw the breakthrough come back of winged liner and flicks galore. With many people still struggling to achieve the perfect “flick” and others recreating it in their own special way, it was undeniably one of the beauty industry’s most popular trends. From catwalk to high street every woman wanted that perfect flick but with so many different products and textures on the market which one was best?

I’m going to give you an insight into what I think the best eye liner products are and why but also which brands got it right and which brands got it completely wrong.

When doing a feline flick or technical liner you need a product which will be firm and strong yet glide effortlessly onto the eye but also dry and give you the long-lasting effect needed. What you don’t need it a wet or sticky liner which takes time to dry or even fades after an hour, yes I’ve actually seen it happen. This leads me on to my favourite eye liner for all matter of technical eye liner and styles, it has to be illamasqua gel eye liner.

Illamasqua Precision Gel Eyeliner Infinity Review

This jet black gel eye liner is perfect to recreate that 60s flick or sultry feline eye, also an amazing multi use product you can apply this to the water line to vamp up an everyday eye into an evening dramatic eye. Long lasting and extremely pigmented this is one of many products from illamasqua which completely excels itself. Unlike other gel eye liners this glides across the eye and drys perfectly giving you enough time to perfect the liner. As a make up artist I’ve found when using other gel eye liners by other brands I’ve noticed after about 8 days the product begins to dry out and prove difficult to use, often damaging my small eye liner brushes. Illamasqua really have got it right with this product with a wide range of ingredients, this product is free from harmful chemicals and easy on the eye. Packaged in the traditional illamasqua colouring and a petite little glass pot oozing expense and drama this is definitely one for you make up bag.

Unlike the majority of beauty bloggers and make up artists one gel eye liner I physically cant bare is Mac Cosmetics ‘Blacktrack’ – A typical gel eye liner, in its blackest form this gel eye liner proposes to do the exact same as the Illamasqua one. However I couldn’t disagree more. Dull, crusty and a shade of off black this gel eye liner is one of the worst I’ve come into contact with. Ive found when using this product you need to coat the liner a few times, however even the L’oreal gel eye liner doesn’t need coating? From damaging my eye liner brushes to setting on the brush within seconds, this gel eye liner proves to be a difficult cosmetic product to work with. I believe many people buy and use this product simply for the branding of Mac Cosmetics, packed full of unnecessary ingredients I couldn’t see any positives in using this product.


A good friend of mine who is a firm believer of Mac Cosmetics and a user of Blacktrack gave me the opportunity to put the products to the test, I swapped her my Illamasqua gel eye liner from my make up artistry kit with her ‘ faithful’ blacktrack and put them to the test. Hesitant to try Illamasqua gel eye liner as she liked blacktrack so much, my friend did admit to a fault in mac’s product saying “It is frustrating how after 2 weeks maximum the product is very dry and difficult to use, meaning I have to warm the product and play around with it for it to become smooth again”hmm not really ideal for a Monday morning quick feline flick is it?

I asked her to tell me what she though after a week so I could comment in my blog however after just one application I received a text saying “you can keep blacktrack” – The results were in and unanimous, Illamasqua gel eye liner was the favourite. After this small experiment I did the same with 10 girls and let them try a famous feline flick with the Illamasqua gel eye liner and 9/10 girls agreed they would swap from Mac Cosmetics Blacktrack to Illamasqua gel eye liner, baring in mind 2 of the 9 girls actually worked for Mac Cosmetics. This was a breakthrough and enjoyable to see people actually finding a gel eye liner up to the job of long lasting, highly pigmented and easy to use.

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