by The Sean Maloney Show

M a s c a r a   F a v o u r i t e s

When it comes to make overs and photo shoots one thing my clients are adamant on is false lashes or a brilliant mascara. I think it’s safe to say every girl wants fuller, thicker and longer lashes.

Out with the clumps and in with the curl.

In this post I want to talk through my favourite mascaras but also a few tips and tricks to make your mascara last longer and to really get the most out of your product.

Firstly let’s start off by saying no matter what length of your lashes every eye is perfect in it’s own way, little lashes are perfect for adding volume and strong eye make up whilst the longer lashes do the hard work for you. Mascara is a heavily dominating beauty product with the average female buying a mascara every 4 months even though according to health organisation, mascara should be replaced every 3 months to stop the build up of bacteria around the eye area. Suffer from conjunctivitis or sties’ frequently? This could be your problem. When it comes to mascara there really are only 3 brands which hold the title of best mascara, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and MAC cosmetics. After using more mascaras than I know what to do with I can confidently tell you these 3 brands know their mascaras but more importantly deliver the goods we all want!

Let’s start off with Dior, the first breakthrough brand bringing every woman the mascara she always dreamed off, curl and volume! Dior iconic is one of the best mascaras to date, really thickening the lashes and giving them that nip, tuck and lift they all need. Available in different shades and formulas this mascara dominates the industry being a backstage favourite. If you want curl then this is a dream for you.

Tip: If your mascara feels like its drying out of running out quickly, dry adding two drops of eye drops to the solution, this will help make your mascara glide on but last much longer whilst keeping bacteria at bay.


So we have volume and curl but what about the separation?

Yves Saint Laurent brings you baby doll lashes, famous for all of their mascaras YSL introduced baby doll lash, a mascara which gives you volume and curl but with a synthetic brush helps separate the lashes reaching the hard to reach lashes in the corner and really opening up the eye. This is a favourite amongst models Jordan Dunn and Cara Delevigne. Everyone wnts that baby doll lash and with this amazing mascara it’s achievable. The formula is incredibly thick and creamy but effortless glides on the eye creating a soft drama to the eye.

and finally known for bringing a new mascara out almost every season mac cosmetics couldn’t possibly fail by having more than 10 mascaras, could they? Out of the bucket loads of mascaras mac had there are two strong contenders in the mascara category. Extreme Dimension giving you that all round, longer, thicker, fuller and separated lash this mascara is a leader in the mascara market. Mac cosmetics known for their little approach to marketing and advertising, stepped it up a gear by marketing this mascara helping with a huge boost in sales. Another mac mascara which is a firm favourite of mine has to be extended play. This mascara really is an amazing mascara with a brilliant brush perfect for your bottom lashes this mascara helps give the lashes a really clean cut fanned out effect.


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