Sean Maloney – 21 Years Old – Manchester

Make Up Artist, Actor and Journalist

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Performing arts, fashion and the media are great interests of mine, wanting me to follow them particular subjects into higher education, gaining new skills and knowledge. I undertook further academic studies into Dance and Theatre outside the national curriculum and have relished the opportunity to develop further skills. After working with MTV and having small appearances on UK TV Drama’s and soaps as a TV supporting artist and I am now currently signed with Angels Elite Model & Promotions and Urban Talent Manchester, whilst also undertaking a degree at Media City UK in Broadcast Journalism. Alongside this I am studying Introduction to on screen acting at Manchester School of Acting. I’m also working full time as a Make Up artist, and heavily involved within the skin care and cosmetic industry.

I will be using WordPress to discuss fashion, celebrity culture, skincare and cosmetics, music and lifestyle. Fashion is a huge part of my life, consistently following the fashion trends throughout the seasons and taking a huge interest into fashion blogging and journalism. Fashion is expressive and adjustable, when falling into fashion, its almost like falling into a textile dream like surrounding, burying yourself within the materials and brands, Chanel, Dior and of course Louis Vuitton are my personal favourites. Music surrounds our everyday life, nightlife and academic subjects, finding it easy to link tracks to personal experiences and emotions, giving you a sense of escapism as the 4 minute track plays on, you fall deep into a character so profound with honesty and real to the emotion. Music is more than a track but a tale of stories linking together with emotion giving the listener something special.

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All images are by Hannah Farquhar Photography

Instagram: SeanMaloneyy

Twitter: @MakeUpBySM

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