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Prevention is the solution

Wanting to appear youthful and younger looking for longer is something everyone thinks about, people may not necessarily vocalise their thoughts but subconsciously this is an ever-growing thought. 

The use of moisturisers, serums, face masks and exfoliators help to boost the skins collegian levels, keeping the skin feeling refreshed, smooth and youthful. Hydrating skincare will help to keep skin plump, radiant and luminous for longer, whilst the use of no cosmetic skincare regime could bring the ageing process to your bathroom mirror sooner than expected.

Environmental studies show with pollution raising for several decades, the summers becoming warmer and winters colder, everyday life takes its toll on our skin. Some pollution properties hit skin deep down into the dermis meaning the damage isn’t visual immediately.

 Prevention is the solution

Preventing the signs of ageing with the use of a daily cleanser, toner, moisturiser and eye cream will help keep the skin hydrated and balanced helping to fight signs of dry skin, fine lines, pigmentation and the overall ageing process.

A new addition to my skincare regime, with a retail price of £62.50 is the well-known Repair Serum from cosmetics giants Bobbi Brown. 

Luxurious and milky, this concentrated repair serum comforts skin as it firms and moisturises. Anti-ageing ingredients such as Vitamin C and a powerful peptide help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles both instantly and over time. Meadow foam Seed Oil hydrates while WheatBran and Olive Extracts help your skin hold on to moisture giving everlasting hydration to the skin. Clary Sage Extract helps reveal a clearer, more radiant complexion helping to improve damaged skin surface and pigmentation.

Even if you believe your skin is perfectly fine or you don’t need to worry about the ageing process as of yet, remember “prevention is the solution”. Preventing the inevitable will help secure the skins surface and prolong the ageing process for as long as possible helping your skin to remain plump, youthful and radiant for longer whilst protecting against investable dangers such as pollution, diet and health.

Top Tip: After cleaning and toning with your favourites, smooth a pea sized amount onto the face and gently press into the skin before smoothing over the remaining amount with your finger tips.

This helps to push the serum down into the skins dermis helping the skin to take it down deeper into the layered skin.

After 3 weeks of using the breakthrough product my skin is left feeling fresh, incredibly plump and fine lines reduced. I use slightly more than the recommended amount to ensure my whole face receives the same amount of serum pushed down into the skin for an overall treatment. Using before my daily moisturiser this must have product with a milky smooth texture has helped to reduce appears of fatigue, fine lines and pigmentation giving my skin a youthful glow.

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Here’s To Everything

Cloud 9, shining like fire flies, moving at the speed of light.

Since November 2012 I’ve been vigorously training hard for the London Marathon 2013, and the countdown has now begun with 17 days until the big race. The race was founded by the former Olympic champion and journalist Chris Brasher and Welsh athlete John Disley. It is organised by Hugh Brasher (son of Chris) as Race Director and Nick Bitel as Chief Executive. Set over a largely flat course around the River Thames, the race begins at three separate points around Blackheath and finishes in The Mall alongside St. James’s Park. The ever-growing and highly anticipated event has raised over £450 million for charity since 1981, and holds the Guinness world record as the largest annual fund-raising event in the world, with the 2009 participants raising over an incredible £47.2 million for charity. In 2007, 78% of all runners raised money and 2011 the official charity of the London Marathon was Oxfam.

This year I will be running the London Marathon in aid of The World Wildlife Foundation, this is a charity which I feel very passionate about and feel proud to run the London Marathon for. The World Wildlife foundation help protect and preserve the nature and wildlife of the planet which is currently under huge threat from human’s, global warming and nature itself.

Training since November 2012 I still feel sick when I think about the 26.9 miles I will have to continuously run, determined and motivated. At 19 years of age I feel I have already achieved so much and adding The London Marathon to my list of life time achievements is something which I am more than determined to do. Whilst training I set myself mini goals in my head to help take the attention away from my legs pounding the pavement one after the other, the sweat trickling down my head and painful stabbing feeling of a stitch tearing away at my torso. With my over the head earphones firmly in place, music plays a huge part in training for the London Marathon as the beat and rhythm runs through your body leaving every inch motivated from head to toe, upbeat deep house anthems mixed with motivational tracks on shuffle helps your mind to concentrate on something different from the fear and anxiety building as your brain goes into overtime.

In the past 4 days I’ve run two half marathons leaving my body sore and aching in pain, completing the half Marathon in 1 hour 40mins I completely shocked myself with my ability and motivation to complete the challenge. From my calculations and mathematics this would mean completing the London Marathon within less than 4 Hours, however still lacking in confidence I aim to complete the London Marathon in 4hours 30mins. This would be a huge achievement and a life time goal achieved at the age of 19. One thing I’ve learnt more than anything when training for this notorious marathon is, running is more than exercise and more than the physicality but the mental preparation is more important and just as hard. Making sure your mind is clear, determined and focused is a huge important factor when training and running. Many marathon runners always say you come up against “The Wall”, the wall is a part of the marathon when your mind tells you, you can’t go on, you can’t do anymore, almost like coming up against a brick wall. However how you deal with this obstacle will determine the rest of your race. Finding all the will power your body and mind contains to overcome this obstacle will help you finish the Marathon. When completing the half marathon, I came up against “The Wall” and felt almost like I needed to stop and sit down, my body couldn’t go on, my calves screaming in pain, my stomach in knots and eyes streaming, my body tightening by the second begging to stop. Knowledge of “The Wall” helped me prepare for this huge obstacle and I powered on through, my palms sweaty, mouth desert dry and body seeping in sweat I overcame “The Wall” and finished the half marathon within a time quicker than I anticipated.

If I knew the preparation and training behind the marathon I would have probably thought twice about spontaneously entering, however I am now committed and 3 quoters of the way there. With 17 days and counting, preparation is the key.

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With advanced night repair by Esteé Lauder taking the cosmetics industry by storm this left competition reeling and unknown of their next move. Dior boldly launched the much talked about and heavily debated Capture Totale XP Overnight Recovery

126021544-260x260-0-0_christian+dior+christian+dior+by+christian+dior+foAdvanced Night repair remains safely into my skincare regime, therefore I thought I would try “the next best thing” on the market today. At an average retail price of £75.00 this is on the more premium and higher scale of the skincare market. The lightweight gel essence that melts instantly into skin whilst Nourishing with a rich blend of active ingredients. Dior claim the overnight recovery optimizes regeneration to repair skin intensely and reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles over night.

After trailing this costly product, from thmoisturisers in the past and being very disappointed in the result, I was always sceptical on how this would work after such disappointment from its family of skincare products.

After 7 days of continuous usage from this overnight recovery, I was starting to notice a more even skin tone and almost a plumpness back to the skin. Becoming more and more impressed as the days went on it reached the two-week trial period and suddenly I didn’t notice anymore changes or advances in this skin care technology, experts may say this is because my skin may be too premature to notice and take in all the full benefits, however I was impressed from start to finish with this creamy-like gel in its signature sophisticated packaging.

Quick Tip: When applying Dior Capture 80 XP overnight record, squeeze the pipette and fill the small tube with as much of the concentrate as possible then release 7 pipette sized drops onto the back of the hand and distribute evenly over the skin. Spending more time around the forehead, cheek and eye bone area.

So the question remains, Night Repair or Capture 80 XP Overnight Recovery?

After lots of though and continuous swapping between both skin care hits, I’ve come to the decision I wont be replacing my Night Repair but I will be using Dior’s Capture 80 XP Overnight Recovery until the end and monitoring the changes within the skin. Evidently impressed by Dior, part of me feels like juggling between Esteé Lauder and Dior. However my loyalty to Night Repair remains firm within my skin care regime, but It wouldn’t hurt to monitor and keep Dior in mind.

Sculpting & Perfecting

Tired, stressed, over-worked? – Don’t let the winter weather and battling blizzards take their toll on your skin, fight back with a natural, simple, radiance boosting Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask.

Ive fought back, have you?

After vigorously trialling different brands of skincare and slowly yet surly building up a skincare routine, I wouldn’t be able to live without this radiance boosting essential. With different skincare clay masks on the market it’s hard to determine which is best; so I put this Liz Earle Deep Cleansing mask to the test. After trialling for 3 weeks straight, using 3 times a week, this amazing clay mask has firmly earned its place within my skincare regime. Smoothing over the face and leaving for a minimum of 10 minutes, you can almost feel the facial mask working instantly, with a tingling sensation for the first few minutes, the deep cleansing mud mask gets straight to work, absorbing all the oil within the skin and re-balancing the PH scale within your skin.


This concentrated clay and botanical mask helps draw out impurities to leave skin balanced and calm whilst giving your skin a natural radiance boost. Naturally active ingredients include green clay, manuka honey, propolis and rose-scented geranium, this gives your skin the boost and extra attention it needs whilst managing a busy lifestyle. At a retail price of £14.50 including two free sponges, there shouldn’t be any reason to not buy this essential, available from the Liz Earle Website.

Quick Tip: Smooth over face and neck as an all-over face treatment, or use to target specific problem areas. Use 3 times a week maximum to keep your skin fresh, hydrated and blemish free.

This deep cleansing clay mask has more than earned its place within my skincare regime and I would recommend to anyone to replace your existing mask with this radiance boosting natural beauty.

Lights, Camera… Smashbox?

Once you’ve used this award winning, must have primer, you will never go back.

Smashbox focuses on long-lasting products designed to give a flawless look befitting of Hollywood stars – Drew Barrymore and Charlize Theron are among the big-name fans. New to United Kingdom yet huge in America and based in LA, is there enough room for a future within the UK beauty industry?


Create a perfect canvas for foundation application with this silky, lightweight blend of vitamins A & E, grape seed extract and green tea. Worn alone or under foundation, this best selling, oil-free primer helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores for flawless skin with a velvety-smooth finish. Creating a soft blur of the skin this blur’s away any imperfections and covers pores giving your skin the ultimate flawless look. Becoming more and more popular with men and woman everyday and everywhere in the world, this is a must have item! Now in a sleek tube for perfect dispensing down to the last drop!

Winner of Best of Sephora Award for Best Primer, one of Marie Claire’s “25 Products That Will Change Your Life”, & an InStyle Best Beauty Buy.

Quick Tip: Apply a dime-size amount of PHOTO FINISH FOUNDATION PRIMER to clean or moisturized skin, using fingertips, for complexion perfection. Follow with your favorite foundation (try HIGH DEFINITION HEALTHY FX FOUNDATION). To tame frizzies, try smoothing primer through wet or dry hair.

Smashbox may be new to the UK but with this award winning Primer there’s no doubt in my mind that they have firmly showed the competition that they’re here to stay. 


Looking in the mirror and seeing more and more lines everyday? Botox? nah get a Primer!

Primers are shooting to the top of the charts within the beauty industry and because the must have essential product for many men and woman all over the world. With primers released everyday it’s hard to establish which are the best and which are just ‘rip offs’ – working within make up and skincare I find myself surrounded by tester pots and overfilled samples of ‘The Next Big Thing’ however, the only way to find the best primer on the market is to give into temptation and sample the primer for 7 days. using it religiously over a period of 7 days. This gives your skin time to adjust to the new ingredients working deep within your skin.


A primer is almost like a blur for the skin, filling in all pores and fine lines, filled with light reflecting pears a primer helps to diffuse light away from the skin but also helps to smooth the appearance of skin, giving skin a more even and smooth complexion. Once youve used a primer you will make it your everyday essential. Small and accessible they are the perfect handbag size whilst also the perfect size for travelling. Men and woman are recommend to use primers because they are a unisex beauty product giving men the overall benefits of a primer whilst also making womens make up regime easier and run smoothly, in more ways than one.

After testing primers consistently throughout the beauty industry, I found the perfect addition to the skincare and make up regime. Clarins Smooth Perfecting Touch is possibly the best primer on the market today. Ranging from £20 to £25 this is a beauty essential. Smoothing all fine lines, blemishes and filling pores giving your skin the radiance boost needed after tackling one of the worst winters in decades. This award winning primer is the perfect combination of make-up and skin care. With an ultra-light, ultra-smooth texture it glides on skin, leaving a imperceptible veil on its surface, filling in and smoothing away the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Your skin is left ‘ foundation ready’ to give your make-up a more even and flawless finish. Can also be used alone or mixed-in with your foundation. To apply this absolute gem of a beauty product, simply dab and dot onto the area and smooth over.

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It’s Dior, Darling.

With all skin, laid bare and exposed to the natural light and the essence of natural beauty in the air, the last thing you need is a thick full coverage layer of make up clogging your skin, filling your pores and creating an overworked mask look.


With pictures constantly plastered on billboards and magazine covers of flawless supermodels with faultless skin, the publics perception of beauty is once again distorted. Being a make up artists and working around make up all day, everyday and finding the perfect colour and coverage for customers I know an understand the importance of a simple foundation. With the turn over from winter to spring in full run, our skin unfortunately is taking an unwanted bashing and beating from the blizzard like weather conditions combined with scorching temperatures from central heating pounding against the skin’s surface. With so many foundations on the market and competition more fierce than ever, any advice is kindly welcomed into the ever-growing and enhanced eye-opening beauty industry.

When working with customers I need to ensure the transition from dull and dreamy to perfection and starlet is seamless and effortless! – So here are my top tips for perfecting that ultimate fresh spring look with effortless starlet skin. With the weather fighting every skin cell on your open face, the freezing cold temperatures and then the heat blasting temperature from central heating tends to dry the skin completely to the core. By applying a foundation onto a dry and cracked skin you will be doing yourself no favours! Compensate by switching to a refreshing and hydrating BB Cream or tinted moisturiser. This will give you a little less coverage but also hydrate and refresh your skin giving it the victims and nutrients it needs to last the day throughout the bitter weather conditions. So putting to the test I tested Diorskin Nude BB Crème, £30 by Dior.

Compared to other BB creams, others are often oil infused and contain too much moisture however with Diorskin Nude BB Crème we see the perfect balance between coverage and moisture. Refreshing the skin’s surface but also injecting moisture deep down into the skin helping to protect and fight the bitter weather conditions. In terms of coverage Diorskin BB Crème is amazing. Perfectly balanced with just the right amount of coverage to cover imperfections and blemishes but also look natural and effortlessly perfect.  The best element of The BB Crème has to be the 3 shades of colour, the colours are perfect reflections of natural skin tones whilst going your skin a natural glow and boosting the natural instant radiance within the skin. When applying the amazing Diorskin BB Crème I suggest using a brush, when applying with a brush you can see the cream smoothly evened out over the skin whilst also getting the most out of the about you have applied. This is incredibly cost effective but also healthy for your skin.


Quick tip: if you use your fingers to apply the full face of foundation you transfer different hand oils to the face resulting in blemishes but most of all oily skin casing the make up to run and not live to its full potential.

Diorskin BB Crème is the new beauty balm that offers the perfect balance of fresh, light and flawless correction in an airy formula with mineralised floral water. This new premium counter BB Cream moisturisers, smooths, protects and corrects with a sheer coverage, illuminated with a unique fresh glow, your skin has never been so beautiful. This £30 essential is available in 3 shades with a creative and clever technology with helps blend to your natural skin tone unlike any other BB Cream.

Working around foundations and BB creams eery day and finding a real gem amongst the pebbles is difficult however to find a cream which is coverage but also healthy for skin I would recommend for anyone! A real surprise of this Diorskin BB Crème would have to be the target audience, surprisingly many men have reached out and bought this in aid of a light coverage to even out pigmentation and skin tone. Is the pressure of beauty and the media effecting the male population more than we once envisaged?

On your marks, get set, go!

tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock.

The nervous sense of excitement as your stomach turns with anxiety as your about to set off on your training run, with the pressure and nervousness mounting in your head. My feet firmly squashed into my running trainers, iPod headphones securely tight around my head making sure all the preparation is in place for the run. My heart pounds faster and faster before I take the first few steps into the run almost feeling like a sense of a battle with my inner self delving deep into the mind of a professional runner. The pressure and countdown of weeks until the final race and ultimate London marathon ticking away slowly but surly in my head. The thought of not completing the 26.9 miles not an option. Then I do it, I pounce into the jog, deeply breathing and gasping in the cold crisp frost like air from outside.

Suddenly all the pressure and anxiety has flown through my body like a river on full speed down a river bank. The build up to the training and the race is worse than actually completing the run/race. Within 82 days 8 hours and 40 minutes I will be running the London Marathon. Nerves have completely overthrown my body and made me feel anxious yet excited. I know I will be able to complete the Marathon but coming through the ballet with a respectable time is a completely different matter. The feeling will be indescribable when I cross the finishing line, the feeling of power, accomplishment and achievement will be completely worth the pain, sweat, blood and possibly tears. To complete The London Marathon at age 19 will be one of my greatest achievements to date. The training is intense and pressured, along with the side pressure from friends and family.


Running releases something in my brain, the tension and on going anxiety I suffer when In deep thought. The feeling of your music blaring through your earphones as each foot pounds the treadmill like a drum. The shakes flowing through your body as the heat rises and your temperature is at breaking point, gasping for deep breaths, inhaling water and air faster than an Aston Martin DB9 racing round a race track at record time. The stitch in the side of your rib cage becoming like a sharp dig with sword continuously; and I guess your thinking? Why would anyone want to endure such a horrific trial? In all honesty, the pain is addictive and te feeling of coming to a sudden stop and the blood bursting round your body at full speed racing to your brain and heart is a feeling which words can’t describe. running is more than exercise but a sense of escapism and release for tension continuing to build within the body. Don’t get me wrong I’m no health freak but running will always be a guilty pleasure. So as time draws closer, my mind draws to the next training day and my next goal of distance and calories I will burn, and suddenly it hits me, this will be exciting and a new adventure, not a challenge but an adventure.

This is going to become more than a marathon more and each and every mile will mean something special and a sense of achievement. This is going to be a journey of self discovery and journey to improve my physical appearance but also mental strength. being a model and drama student there is an incredible pressure to appear attractive and effortlessly desirable, I believe the marathon will help settle some old demons to rest whilst also helping me to remain healthy and active!

I will be running the Virgin London Marathon for Word Wildlife Foundation I aim to raise as much money possible, this is an intense and life changing challenge with a target of 1000 it’s not going to be easy. I’m young and athletic but The WWF lays close to my heart, being such a huge animal lover and my passion for preserving and protecting exceeds the £3 a month adoption, but running the Virgin London Marathon 2013. All this wont be possible without your help! Any donations are kindly welcomed in more ways than one!

Please Visit my Just Giving Page and donate as much or as little as you like, every little helps!

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Let the countdown, begin.

The official countdown for the biggest marathon within the british isles has begun. The Virgin London Marathon will take place on 21st April 2013 and I will be taking part, running for The World Wildlife Foundation.


Signing up for the marathon was almost half heartedly and uninspired, however after an amazing year for sport within the United Kingdom, seeing the London 2012 Olympics and coming 3rd place within the overall event. My inspiration overtook and I applied. I was successfully accepted to run the marathon for The World Wildlife Foundation. This is a charity close to my heart. I understand there are so many charities out there desperate for sponsors and funding but I feel there just isn’t enough money or volunteers out there for the animals of the world. I have always been an obsessive animal lover, starting from a young age, I’ve always been surrounded by cats and dogs and after having numerous pets I want to be able to give something back in order the help preserve out amazing animals of the world.

The training has begun and with a measly 11 weeks left, I believe I can do this! This will be one of the biggest challenges and achievements of my life. Training is about to become intense with more than 5 days a week a training plan in place, all I can do is train hard and try my best. I will keep everyone updated throughout my blog with training for the marathon. All donations are kindly welcome as I will be posting my “Just Giving” charity page within the next few days! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter at @_SeanMaloney for more updates and quick catchy tweets!

Morning Coffee.

Does anyone else find it impossible to wake up without a coffee? Well I certainly do.
I couldn’t think of anything worse than a dry mouth in the morning, there’s something about coffee; the smell, the taste, the strength of the caffeine and the ultimate boost. Personally I prefer my coffee slightly milky but still as strong, afterall we all need that wake up call in the morning.
I do have a coffee machine and I pride myself in making the perfect coffee, in all honesty I would go as far as saying I’m addicted, I probably, most likely have a coffee every half our – I know it’s bad isn’t it? I understand coffee isn’t exactly healthy but it’s my guilty pleasure, we’re all allowed one or two. I’m also a huge fan of tea. Tea and scones are perfect on a summers day or even a winters morning. Reading this blog your probably presuming I’m a middle ages woman who loves “a good old cupp’a tea” – shock horror, I’m actually a 19 year old male student. I love my coffee’s and tea’s as much as the next person. If I’m not sat at home with the perfect coffee you will definitely find me at one of the many Starbucks around the city centre.

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