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F o u n d a t i o n

You’ve requested and I’ve provided, after lots of questions and comments regarding foundation I thought it would be easier to place in a blog post for you all to refer to when choosing your perfect foundation, I’ve also included some of my must buy foundations. When it comes to foundation it can be a touchy subject with most people, everyone is different and everyone likes to embrace different looks.

Having your foundation darker than you skin is a current trend in the UK to make yourself appear more tanned, however when your face doesn’t match with your neck, we seem to have a problem.

Tip: Always test out a new foundation colour in natural light and on fresh skin – you might not realise but applying foundation onto un cleansed skin can effect the colour payoff.

With so many foundations on the market and new beauty companies launching more every year the market can seem over populated. The aim of foundation is to be almost a thin veil over the skin evening out pigmentation and covering the odd blemish. Foundation isn’t a face mask and should be used to make yourself appear tanned. When choosing foundations you should be choosing them on your skin type, oily dry or combination. This will help the foundation sit better on the skin. Many companies such as Clinique have revolutionised foundation and altered for problematic skin such as redness or blemishes. This is brilliant for problematic or teenage skin.

As a make up artist I tend to stick between 3 foundations, Mac Cosmetics face and body foundation, Mac cosmetics studio fix and Giorgio Armani Maestro.

Mac cosmetics face and body is an incredibly lightweight water based foundation with light to medium coverage. This foundation is brilliant on all skin types and is a brilliant addition to the mac cosmetics foundation range. Incredibly thin and lightweight this means the foundation has buildable coverage and can be re-applied throughout the day. For oily skin types this foundation can often appear very shiny, always remember to set on top of the foundation with a powder completely setting it into place and keeping the longevity of it. The colour range in this foundation is very simple, a range of number in cool tones and warm tones and the best aspect of this foundation is you will always be able to find your perfect shade by mixing two foundations together. Available in two separate sizes a smaller one and a larger one this foundation is definitely one to add to your make up bag. Many people dislike face and body foundation at first for the simple reason of not knowing how to use it, have a play and mix it with others to find your perfect combination and I guarantee you will fall in love with this product.

another mac cosmetics favourite has to be the famous studio fix, known in the beauty industry for many different reasons this foundation is the opposite from face and body. slightly thick and with a creamy scent this foundation needs to be blended into the skin and worked through the skin with a buffing motion to ensure the perfect airbrushed vision. Again similar to face and body this foundation can always be mixed to ensure you find the perfect shade to match your skin tone. I find this foundation perfect for photoshoots and event make up, made to last and incredibly matte this foundation is perfect for giving you that complete finished look. Made with vitamin a and vitamin c this product is skin friendly and when blended sit on the skin perfectly. Studio fix isn’t for everyone, with a very thick appearance and often applied with the wrong tools this can often look “cakey” and unnatural.


When Armani created Maestro, everyone’s prayers was answered. In my opinion the perfect foundation for everyone’s skin and the best foundation on the market. Being a make up artist you come to grips with nearly every foundation on the market but this product excels every single foundation I’ve come to grips with, by miles. Presented in a small glass bottle with a pipette style applicator, classical and sophisticated this foundation oozes class and perfection. Incredibly thin with a silk like texture melting into your skin, this foundation appears it would just slide away. However when applied onto the skin and buffed in with a foundation duo fibre brush this foundation glides across the skin like an ice skate to ice, finishing with a velvety matte texture. You couldn’t ask for more. A perfect medium build able coverage this foundation feels as light as a feather on the skin.

Tip: Giorgio Armani also have another award-winning amazing foundation called “Luminous Silk” – this is a stand out amazing product, please go to your local Armani counter and ask for a sample.

Have you found the perfect foundation but think “why doesn’t this last long” ” why do I need to reapply so often” – look no further your answer is use a PRIMER.

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Primers, the best, the worst and my personal favourites with lots of hints and tips!

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Tom Ford Terra

T o m  F o r d T e r r a 

If you asked a female what items could she not live without in her make up bag, guaranteed bronzer would be one of them. So its completely understandable that when it comes to bronzers, about 80% of people make the wrong decision.

Too shimmery, too matte, cream or powder, dark or medium dark? medium medium or medium light?

So many questions and not enough answers. Well here is my bronzer breakdown to help you find the ultimate bronzer and a few hints and tips to keep you on the right track when searching for your new bronzer.

What do you want to use your bronzer for?

If you want that all over bronze goddess look without the task of fake tanning every night or the damage from UV then I would recommend an all over face bronzer which helps give you that golden tan. Something like the Soleil Tan De Chanel, a complete all over face bronzer giving you a healthy glow. This comes in a creamy moose like texture and needs to be really buffed and worked into the skin to avoid looking almost dirty or un-natural. The colour is extremely pigmented for a bronzer meaning little product is needed when buffing into the skin. Would I use this product? Probably not.

Do you want to contour using bronzer?

This is a very popular way of using a bronzer in today’s beauty industry for the sheer fact people love the warm tones of a bronzer and how it instantly gives the face definition. Starting near the ear lobe and blending out in a parallel direction under the cheekbone this will help contour when used in conjunction with a highlighter. The highlighter I would recommend would be Nars – Albatross (See post below to find out what I thought of Albatross highlighter).

Tip: Try sweeping the bronzer around the jawline to help shadow and define the jawline and jawbones.

Which bronzer do I recommend?

After using and reviewing so many bronzers on the market I always come back to one.. Tom Ford in Terra. This bronzer is a masterpiece. As you open the box and your greeted to a velvet black case holding inside a sleek and shiny black opening bronzer. The size is just incredible, the biggest bronzer I’ve ever come across accompanied by a mirror on the other side. This bronzer comes in two shades, like most bronzers one which is matte and one which contains quite a bit of shimmer. Depending on your preference weather you like shimmer or not both bronzers contain the same amount of product and come in the exact same packaging. For me this bronzer is a dream to work with, dusting under the cheekbones this incredibly pigmented bronzer glides onto the skin in a powdery format giving me lots of movement to blend and buff into the skin. This product doesn’t come in a range of shades like most companies just simply, matte of shimmery.


However this product isn’t for everyone, living up to his name Tom Ford remains to keep his company incredibly premium and only for the exclusivity selected pricing this bronzer at the high end of the market at £65.00. Is it worth it? 100% yes. After using this bronzer I always seem to end up going back to it. When using it on clients I always hear “That is amazing, who’s that bronzer by..” or “wow that bronzer looks amazing”. Not just impressive packaging and a trendy brand name but a bronzer which is backed up by evidence and reviews of how amazing it actually is.

Tom Ford Terra 10/10

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Clarins Multi Active Day

C l a r i n s  M u l t i  A c t i v e  D a y

Clarins have always been a brand that have instantly won me over with their stand out products and use of botanical ingredients within their skin care. Everything is natural, always has been and always will be.

When searching for a new moisturiser it can be exceptionally daunting if you don’t know what your looking for.. However that’s all about to change, don’t be fooled by the beauty adviser who is most of the time only concerned on meeting daily and weekly targets, go into that cosmetic shop or beauty counter with the confidence to say “actually it’s fine I know what I’m looking for”.

To help you do this you just need to ask yourself 5 simple questions;

1. Does my skin feel dry or oily, or a bit of both?

2. What is my main concern?
Hydrating, wrinkles. SPF, oil prevention or protect the skin?

3. What do I want to change about the appearance of my skin?
Lifting, protect against UV, wrinkles, dryness, hydration, age spots, healthy glow?

4. How long do I want to spend on my skin each day?
From a full blown cleanse tone, serum and moisturise or a simple face scrub.

5. What is your price range?
This helps you identify which brand you should be looking at.


Armed with these 5 questions you should instantly feel more confident and know exactly what products you want and how much you want to spend, stopping you from being dragged into multi buy offers and link sales.

When I purchased Clarins multi active day I bought with the expectation of a moisturiser that will prevent ageing of the skin, hydrate and protect my skin against UV and UVB.

After using this product for just under 4 weeks with the accompanying rich creamy night cream and multi active serum, I am very happy with the results. My skin feels firmer and tighter – giving my skin much more of a lifted appearance, whilst also the biggest difference in my skin is the texture. Texture is a very important aspect of a new moisturiser or serum.

Before my skin felt slightly rough with dry patches and oily patches, however Clarins multi active day moisturiser has turned the texture of my skin from dull and dry to smooth and clear. My skin feels fresher and tighter and looks visibly more radiant.

The use of botanical ingredients give the moisturiser a fresh and sweet smell as the creamy gel substance is smoothed over the skin (remember once smoothing over the product, press also into the skin forcing the product down into the skins dermis). Lightweight and thin, it instantly absorbs into the skin meaning there is no greasy residue left over by too much product.

This product is pleasant and I would definitely use again, would it be my first choice of moisturiser? Probably not as there are products in the market with a wider range of beneficial ingredients. This products does what it promises to do and for that I congratulate Clarins on a stand out overall all-rounder product.

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7.5 / 10

Double Trouble

To many people Serum is just a word, to others it’s a daily must have essential in your beauty and skincare regime.

As I’ve previously said before, working as a make up artist in central Manchester I’m surrounded by skincare and cosmetics everyday, working closely within many different brands such as Dior, Chanel and Clarins. Skincare and Cosmetics are more than just creams and powders but art. Recently Clarins released their highly anticipated and most talk about, Double Serum, to put the rumours to bed I sampled and tested this intriguing beauty product. A serum is massaged onto the facial area and upper neck before any moisturiser is applied and is often anti ageing and thinner than a moisturiser meaning it will be absorbed deeper into the skins layers.


The eye catching design of the packaging instantly drew me in with the separation of the dual acting formula inside. I could instantly see the Double Serum was a combination of water-based and oil-based formulas, this was to replicate the model of the skin’s hydrolipidic film and the dual “oil-water nature of the skin cells. This gave the consumer something completely different and new.

Clarins are the only beauty company to focus on reactivating the five vital functions within a serum, almost caring for every aspect of your skin. The Double Serum focused on hydration; keeping my skin soft and soothed, Nutrition; helping to boost my skins natural radiance and suppleness, Oxygenation; helping to give my skin a natural healthy looking glow, Regeneration; giving my skin firmness and density and finally Prevention; working hard to cure and repair them all important fine lines and wrinkles whilst giving the overall prevention of gaining more.

Not sold yet? – There more..

82% of men and woman judge Double Serum to be more effective than their regular serum whilst also from the first application skin is smoothed whilst given a natural radiance and toned. After just 4 weeks of using this wonder serum less pores are visible, skin looks firmer, brighter and radiant. Skin also appears much fresher whilst wrinkles and fine lines are reduced giving skin elasticity.


Quick Tip: When applying Clarins Double Serum, apply to a clean dry face and work into the facial area avoiding the eye area until all is absorbed.

When I put Clarins Double Serum to the test, I instantly thought, “this is impossible”, “surly not” and “what makes this one so different”. After the first application from the easy to use pump and eye catching bottle out came the separated formula one oily and dark whilst another clear and light, I mixed both together by rubbing into the palms of my hands then massaged into the skin for a further 3 minuets, working in upwards motions. After the Double Serum settled onto my skin, my skin looked slightly radiant and smoother, instantly from the first application. I was shocked to see results so quickly. After continuing to use for a further 4 days, I was seeing the increase in glow and brightness within my skin, giving a radiant and plump look. This was not what I expected. I continued to use Clarins Double Serum for a further 2 weeks, taking the process to 3 weeks and the results were brilliant. Radiant, soft and controlled my skin looked firmer and even within weeks. I would definitely recommend this serum to anyone.

If you’ve recently used the Double Serum, please comment and let me know how it worked for you!

The competition really will find this to be, double trouble.


Bleep, Bleep, Bleep, Bleep – Snooze.

That perfect moment when your slumped beneath the bed covers, wrapped up like a sausage roll, the warmth of the bed surrounding your whole body. Your head firmly indulged into the pillow so heavy on your head the feeling of not even a giant could move it; your eyes lightly closed and breathing as steady as a gymnast on a beam 10 meters high. 


Then suddenly that piercing shrieking alarm sounding, pounding your ear drums like an elephant stampede marching through your head and the shock factor resulting in your eyes springing open with devastating of your deep sleep cracked open like an Easter egg. That’s when you stare into the alarm clock with anger and hatred for the hideous sounding noise screeching from the speaker, and that’s when the realization of morning occurs and your body tenses and slumps back into the covers knowing you don’t have long left until your parted. Your eyes are forcing themselves shut but the will power of morning forcing them open alongside that sharp beam of light firing through the tiniest gap between the wall and side of the curtain. 


This is possibly the most depressing feeling ever, waking up. Waking up is almost like a chore, a tedious and repetitive chore that should be banished. Opening your eyes and forcing yourself out of bed and downstairs to make, the only savior that is coffee. Morning wake up call’s have to be number 1 on my most hated tedious life chores. Being so comfy and settled at nighttime wrapped up in a bundle of covered makes the snooze button incredibly appealing in the morning.


Ever found yourself in that situation where you have become too friendly with snooze button and hit it more than enough times? – Thats me, nearly every morning, slowly peeling my eyes open to see I’ve overslept by at least an hour, firing myself out of bed like a catapult being pulled back to the ultimate stretching boundary. Running round piecing an outfit together half asleep, toothbrush hanging out my mouth, phones ringing, music playing and clothes and boots flying everywhere. This is the result of the tedious alarm clock and the enemy that is the snooze button. Mornings will never be pleasant but what I’ve learnt is the best thing to do is just roll out of bed on the sounding of the first alarm giving yourself an instant wake up but also forcing you to face to morning full steam ahead.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite!

Night Night, make sure the bed bugs don’t bite!

After years of being a skin care fanatic and religiously sticking to a strict regime and trying various brands and steps to gain the perfect skin, including prescription skin care. I always had a problem with night care for my skin, nothing ever worked, it seemed like it would work for the first few hours, but when awakening in the early hours for work and university my skin would be oily yet dehydrated. This was a common problem and as i began to research many others suffered from this problem also. So I guess you’re thinking, how do we solve this?


Whilst working I stumbled across Estee Lauder “Night Repair” approximately £54 for the larger bottle this was in intense serum in a dark browny red bottle, to apply you used the intimidating scientific pipette. Working within the skin care and make up sector myself, I instantly introduced myself with the ever-growing, famous serum. After cleansing at night-time, I simply applied a generous amount to the back of my hand and spread it around my face and began to massage it into the skin until all was absorbed. Overnight nothing felt tingly or sensationalised or anything dramatic, however when I woke up something felt very different, as I stared into the mirror and took a closer look at my skin, it instantly looked smoother and brighter. My eye area was lightened and brightened with a firmer feeling. This was an incredible step after just once use. Therefore I religiously used Estee Lauder’s night repair for the upcoming weeks and after a week it felt unbelievably smooth and different.

Estee Lauder believe Use it every night for a significant reduction in the appearance of major signs of visible ageing. Skin looks smoother, younger, more radiant and healthy. The product is only used at night due to the repairing chemical which can’t be used in day time; the reason for this is simply because the sunlight destroys it, meaning it will be useless. However by using it at night-time it repairs your skin intensely overnight but also lasts throughout the day. Advanced night repair has won various awards for the ground breaking research and the overall product such as the Cosmopolitan Beauty and Fragrance Awards 2012 – Best Age Defying Serum, whilst also winning the prestigious Stylist Skincare Awards 2011 Winner.

After 30 years of intense research and innovation the Lauder Company have found exclusive Chronolux™ Technology helps reduce the appearance of past damage. Visible signs of ageing look improved-specifically lines, uneven skin tone and immediate hydration. I found my pigmentation around the cheek area was reduced rapidly whilst also giving me something no other serum has ever done before, giving me a sense of the product is actually working and doing some good. This is a must have product and available in different sizes. Even if you’re unsure of the product pop to your nearest Estee Lauder company and ask for a sample. I use this religiously and couldn’t think of an alternative to replace it. Advanced Night Repair really is a one-off product.

Everybody needs a bit of Advanced Night Repair in their life!

Turn that frown upside down

A self proclaimed WAG, Mum of 4, fashion designer and ex girl group member, is there anything else Victoria Beckham can do?

After being in one of the most famous girl groups of all time and married to one of the most desirable men on the planet, Victoria Beckham is still accessorising that glum, dull frown.


Throughout the years of the explosion into the pop world, spice girls changed the way pop music was produced, listened to and created. The edgy ad unpredictable girl group were never ones to shy away from the camera with various awards under their belt including a pristine Brit award. The girl group consisted of Geri Halliwel, Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Victoria Beckham. Once the girl group split and the rumours of a reunion died down the girls took separate paths into different careers and to explore other elements which they were good at. Victoria Beckham is the envy of many woman carrying the envious skinny model like frame, David Beckham on her arm and an ever growing family. But she still stands dainty and dull blending into the background with a furious frown slapped on her face like she’s been hit with a wet fish. Victoria Beckham herself recently stated in a popular celebrity magazine “I know I look moody, I probably wouldn’t talk to myself either”. This is the odd thing, it’s almost positive Victoria Beckham knows she’s moody but doesn’t change anything about it.


The VB brand that is constantly growing and becoming more popular within many countries comes free with the frowning moody mum for 4. Victoria Beckham always pictured looking glamorous, sophisticated and perfect in many ways can never be faulted on her behaviour within the public eye which can’t be said for many celebrities, so what if she’s moody? Who would want to smile with millions of pounds in the bank, a perfect family and an amazing career? 

Bring the action

You are now rocking with Will.I.Am and Britney Bitch!

ImageNot long ago Will.I.Am released a statement announcing his second Duet with pop princess and global superstar Britney Spears. Once released in the US after having the video debut on X Factor USA the track began storming the billboard charts, It didn’t take long until the bass thumping track hit the UK. Smashing the UK charts and entering at No.2. Spears has thanked her UK fans after her Will.I.Am collaboration ‘Scream & Shout’ reached number one on iTunes chart.

There is something about the simplicity of the club smasher that is “Scream & Shout” with a touch of Will.I.Am’s signature rapping and auto tuned voice combined with X Factor USA Judge, Britney Spears british accent and flawless vocals, this track was destined to be a hit. 

ImageFor me personally the best part of the song is Britney’s signature line, way back from her Blackout Album, Gimme More’s ‘Britney Bitch’! Everyone know about ‘Its Britney Bitch’, helping with Britney’s Brand identity the attitude fuelled line hit the spot throughout Will.I.Ams geniuses foot stomping track! What did you think about it? Would you turn it up or click skip?

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This is no James Bond

Shaken and not stirred are the famous lines that fall from 007’s James Bond’s mouth in almost every blockbuster bond to hit our screens but when The Bourne films hit our screen, how would we all react?


However after recently hearing, and becoming attracted to ‘The Bourne’ films, such as The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Legacy, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum featuring Matt Damon, I was pleasantly surprised how good they actually were. Gripped and thrilled from start to finish with endless and turns, I couldn’t think of a better way to create an action thriller which doesn’t follow the James Bond storage. The films were complete by Matt Damon’s effortless and futuristic performance keeping myself gripped all the way through. Difficult to create such a follow up after the storm of James Bonds films, I think Matt Damon has done himself proud with this edgy thriller guaranteed to keep you gripped! 

Which of the films is my favourite? oh now you ask me.

I have to say after watching all Bourne films I can safely say my favourite has to be the second one. The reason for this is purely down to shock factor. So many unexpected occurrences and new characters kept me gripped from start to finish. The last films see’s a new main character as Matt Damon steps down and hands over to Avengers, Jeremy Renner. Not knowing what to expect with this last minute cast change I was extremely surprised with the continuity and follow up feeling. Overall I can safely say there is no comparing with James Bond, simply for the diversity and difference between the story lines and cast. The Bourne films are a serious competitor of 007 and are definitely worth a watch.

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Double Vodka and Lemonade Please

I can see myself saying “Double Vodka and lemonade please” quite a few times tomorrow night.

Im incredibly excited for New Years Eve, and to say goodbye to 2012. An acceptable year but not perfect. As I’ve got older into my teens New Years Eve has become incredibly hyped and highly anticipated. An event which see’s everyone flock into towns and cities to hit the nightlife one last time and party hard all in aid of saying a final goodbye and a toast to the past year.


When I was younger I always remembered new years eve has the grown ups night. The night the baby sitter came over and as children do, we caused mischief all night long. However now times have changed and its all about the social aspect of New Years Eve and living in Britain, which is notoriously known for its drinking culture, it would almost be rude not to enjoy an ice cold grey goose vodka and lemonade with a thin slice of freshly cut lemon… or 2… or 10.

I love that feeling of excitement and adrenaline mixed together in the pit of your stomach, causing it to churn unexpectedly. Thats when you know your going to have a brilliant night.

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