Tom Ford Terra

by The Sean Maloney Show

T o m  F o r d T e r r a 

If you asked a female what items could she not live without in her make up bag, guaranteed bronzer would be one of them. So its completely understandable that when it comes to bronzers, about 80% of people make the wrong decision.

Too shimmery, too matte, cream or powder, dark or medium dark? medium medium or medium light?

So many questions and not enough answers. Well here is my bronzer breakdown to help you find the ultimate bronzer and a few hints and tips to keep you on the right track when searching for your new bronzer.

What do you want to use your bronzer for?

If you want that all over bronze goddess look without the task of fake tanning every night or the damage from UV then I would recommend an all over face bronzer which helps give you that golden tan. Something like the Soleil Tan De Chanel, a complete all over face bronzer giving you a healthy glow. This comes in a creamy moose like texture and needs to be really buffed and worked into the skin to avoid looking almost dirty or un-natural. The colour is extremely pigmented for a bronzer meaning little product is needed when buffing into the skin. Would I use this product? Probably not.

Do you want to contour using bronzer?

This is a very popular way of using a bronzer in today’s beauty industry for the sheer fact people love the warm tones of a bronzer and how it instantly gives the face definition. Starting near the ear lobe and blending out in a parallel direction under the cheekbone this will help contour when used in conjunction with a highlighter. The highlighter I would recommend would be Nars – Albatross (See post below to find out what I thought of Albatross highlighter).

Tip: Try sweeping the bronzer around the jawline to help shadow and define the jawline and jawbones.

Which bronzer do I recommend?

After using and reviewing so many bronzers on the market I always come back to one.. Tom Ford in Terra. This bronzer is a masterpiece. As you open the box and your greeted to a velvet black case holding inside a sleek and shiny black opening bronzer. The size is just incredible, the biggest bronzer I’ve ever come across accompanied by a mirror on the other side. This bronzer comes in two shades, like most bronzers one which is matte and one which contains quite a bit of shimmer. Depending on your preference weather you like shimmer or not both bronzers contain the same amount of product and come in the exact same packaging. For me this bronzer is a dream to work with, dusting under the cheekbones this incredibly pigmented bronzer glides onto the skin in a powdery format giving me lots of movement to blend and buff into the skin. This product doesn’t come in a range of shades like most companies just simply, matte of shimmery.


However this product isn’t for everyone, living up to his name Tom Ford remains to keep his company incredibly premium and only for the exclusivity selected pricing this bronzer at the high end of the market at £65.00. Is it worth it? 100% yes. After using this bronzer I always seem to end up going back to it. When using it on clients I always hear “That is amazing, who’s that bronzer by..” or “wow that bronzer looks amazing”. Not just impressive packaging and a trendy brand name but a bronzer which is backed up by evidence and reviews of how amazing it actually is.

Tom Ford Terra 10/10

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